Winter 2015 Feature Story: South Dakota Journal

By on October 11, 2015

Story by Jodi Stemler

An excerpt from South Dakota Journal…It’s a long drive from Denver to Aberdeen, South Dakota. Thankfully the miles and the cornfields are ticking by. Tomorrow we’ll be chasing wild pheasants, and I’ll finally be able to check a South Dakota pheasant hunt off my bucket list.

–“How many birds will we see? Will it look like the places where we pheasant hunt in Nebraska? How do you think Mesa is going to do? How much farther is it?”

Sophie pops with the questions like a game show host during the lightning round, a regular barrage trying to figure out what she can expect from this hunt. At nine years of age, she is enjoying her third season in the field with us. She couldn’t wait to go that first year after we got our Brittany, Mesa.

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