Autumn 2016 UA Kitchen: Pheasant and Quail Cacciatore

By on July 5, 2016

Pheasant and Quail Cacciatore prepared by Chef Gordon Hamersley

An excerpt from the UA Kitchen…Everyone is cold and wet, feet feeling like clammy slices of baloney stuffed into wet catcher’s mitts. No one wants dinner. But given a half an hour or so, I also know that my hunting partners and I will thaw, the dogs will settle down, and we’ll all be ravenous. Thankfully, dinner’s ready.

While we were out busting through nasty thickets and cattails in the wind and rain all day, my trusty slow cooker was doing its magic. A cacciatore has been percolating away since early morning, and it just turned itself off like I had planned. A hunter’s stew, or cacciatore in Italian, is a slowly braised concoction of meat and vegetables, sometimes cooked in wine, until the birds are dead tender and falling from the bone. Served on polenta, rice or pasta, this is an ancient way to prepare game birds, wild boar, venison, rabbit or anything else the hunter comes home with.

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Help UA “Set Things in Place”

To prepare for cooking, chefs often utilize the concept of mis en place, which means “to set into place” a recipe’s ingredients prior to starting. You can help Chef Gordon prepare by suggesting ingredients he should set into place.

Here’s how:

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