Inside Autumn UA 2016

By on July 5, 2016

Inside Upland Almanac's Autumn 2016 IssueInside the Upland Almanac Autumn 2016 issue, enjoy a collection of art and personal stories in our Day’s End section with contributions from Jeff Nedwick and Wendell Berry.

With this issue we bring you our improved Fall Forecast in Scout 2016 with contributions from Timothy C. Flanigan, John N. Felsher, Jeff Nedwick and Dave Books. Alan Liere shares his inability to resist using his imaginary trigger on diving seagulls among other “practice” shots in You Can’t Not Do It and Tom Keer takes us on a trip to M&M Hunting Preserve in the Garden State.

Tom Keer also updates us on a few topics in Flushes & Noteworthy Points including how to improve your weather prediction skills. Alec Sparks offers advice on keeping your dog safe during the hunting season. John McGonigle shares a helpful training exercise to help your pup hone in on scent and Walt Cottrell, DVM answers a reader’s letter concerning a connection between a liver and skin condition.

Jodi Stemler provides an in depth review of upland hunting products specifically made for women.

Bryan Bilinksi discusses the differences in side-by-sides and over-unders. And Ernie Foster shares some history on Westley Richards’ 12-Gauge Scalloped Boxlock.

In our Tailgate Review we’ll highlight some products from Browning, L.L. Bean, E.A.R. Inc., and Buck Knives. Plus famed chef Gordon Hamersley dishes up a recipe for Pheasant and Quail Cacciatore.

In our column Section 799.2, enjoy Prime Cuts by Jim Harrison. And Glen Blackwood offers anthology recommendations in his Pages Past column.

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