Inside Winter UA 2016

By on October 6, 2016

Inside the Upland Almanac Winter 2016 issue, enjoy a collection of art and personal stories in our Day’s End section with contributions from Leah Brigham and Ian Morrison.

With this issue we bring you Joseph Sands “Winter Walks,” a reflection on late winter grouse hunting. Jon Osborn writes about the nostalgia of the bell and Alan Liere talks about getting old.

Tom Keer updates us on a couple topics in Flushes & Noteworthy Points including quail telemetry and Federal Upland Stamps. Alec Sparks offers advice on implementing a collar conditioning program. And we meet our new contributor, Jessie Richards, who will be sharing helpful insights on flushers and retrievers. Walt Cottrell, DVM answers a reader’s letter concerning dogs and diabetes.

Bryan Bilinksi writes round two of the differences in side-by-sides and over-unders. And Ernie Foster shares some history on Gerbruder Merkel.

In our Tailgate Review we’ll highlight some products from Rapala, Skyhorse Publishing, C Fox Kennels, Merkel and Brad Varney’s new book. And we’ll share our reviews of a few bark correction collars. Thomas Carney writes about his experience testing new SportDOG products at Sinkola Plantation. Plus famed chef Gordon Hamersley dishes up a recipe for Grouse Cooked in Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup.

In our column Section 799.2, enjoy Wayne, Nebraska by Thomas Carney. And Glen Blackwood talks about Gerald Hammond’s works in his Pages Past column.

Read the rest of the story in the Winter 2016 Issue of Upland Almanac.

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