Winter 2016 UA Kitchen: Grouse Cooked in Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

By on October 6, 2016

Grouse Cooked in Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup prepared by Chef Gordon Hamersley

An excerpt from the UA Kitchen…I think I understand the longstanding love affair hunters have with cream of mushroom soup. I have it on good authority that one evening, sometime about the dawn of time, a bunch of hunters brought home a bunch of birds, and the gatherer/cook in the cave said, “I am not cooking those smelly birds for you tonight!” The guys looked blank and thought, “What now?” Then some semblance of a light bulb went on in the brain of the smartest one. “Canned mushroom soup must be just as good as her fresh mushroom soup. Let’s give it a try.” The boys were so pleased that they had come up with a recipe all on their own they decided to use “canned” exclusively and never asked the gatherer to make fresh again.

But I maintain that it’s actually just as easy (although it takes just a bit of knife work) and a lot tastier to make the fresh version than the canned one.

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