UA Spring 2017 Issue

By on January 5, 2017

upland-almanac-spring-2017-cover-webAn excerpt from John C. Gosselin’s Publisher Note…Well, here we are at that time of year when in a little more than a few weeks we will finish all of our bird hunting seasons in the United States for the year. Some upland seasons in the north have already come to a close.

If you’re like me, then you do what I do when we reach the end of the seasons – start thinking about “next year.”

Don’t get me wrong, though. I’m all for rehashing the great times and fond memories I can recall from last year. (And to tell you the truth: from lots of past seasons.) But at some point, you have to put them into the treasure chest of memories and then begin to seek out the source of more memories next season.

I start to do a lot of planning and thinking at this time of year. And this issue of The Upland Almanac can help you do just that.

One thing I like to do is to think about some other places I might go bird hunting. That’s why I like our “Destinations” and “Road Notes” sections of the magazine. This issue includes a fine story in the “Destinations” section about hunting several species in South America. It’s called “Wings Over Uruguay,” and it’s written by well-known writer and photographer Gary Kramer. In the article, Kramer takes us to this South American destination to hunt for dove and perdiz, and it’s a story that should get the travel blood boiling.

The Spring 2017 Cover features “November Fields” by Brett James Smith. For more information, visit

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