Spring 2017 Feature: Wings Over Uruguay

By on January 5, 2017

Story & Photos by Gary Kramer

An excerpt from Wings Over Uruguay…The day started before sunrise with a breakfast of eggs cooked to order, country sausage, toast and steaming pots of rich South American coffee. After breakfast, my hunting partner Greg Mensik and I jumped in the vehicle for a 30-minute ride through the countryside near Paysandú, Uruguay. We traveled through a vast patchwork of green winter wheat, harvested soybean fields and tilled lands where gauchos herded cattle and farmers tended fields. A mixture of agricultural and grazing lands, this northwest region of Uruguay supports high densities of dove and perdiz.

Eventually we arrived at an area of rolling hills where farmland bordered brush lands. Turning off the highway onto the washboard road, our driver dodged potholes, doing his best to make the ride tolerable. Ten minutes later, he stopped and said, “Legamos.” – “We have arrived.” We pushed each other out of the vehicle like anxious kids on a school field trip.

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