UA Summer 2017 Issue

By on April 6, 2017

upland-almanac-summer-2017-cover-webAn excerpt from John C. Gosselin’s Publisher Note…Now is the time of year when we can’t seem to get lost in conversation about “next season” without having to face up to another annual conversation starter we always seem to have: “Getting in Shape for Hunting.”

I’m shaking my head and shuddering at the prospects of getting in shape for this year. It’s not because I’m a lazy bum or that I don’t think people need to get into shape for whatever upland bird hunting they like to participate in. It’s that as I leaned in to start typing this paragraph, my leg literally shuddered a little. It’s still not ready to think about the rigors of working out and getting in shape let alone those of walking sideways up a hill in search of chukar partridge. Or of the miles of legwork required in the desert for quail or on the Great Plains for pheasant. As for grouse and woodcock? Forget it. That leg is so glad I no longer live close enough make it struggle through the grouse and woodcock woods of New England. That leg is having a difficult enough time keeping up with physical therapy for now.

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