Autumn 2017 UA Kitchen: Pheasant with Scottish Skirlie, Mushrooms and Bacon

By on July 7, 2017

Upland-Almanac-Recipe-for-Pheasant-with-Scottish-SkirlieAn excerpt from the UA Kitchen…There is no doubt that to the uninitiated, the Scots have some colorful, offbeat descriptions for their national dishes. Add an accent that requires subtitles, and you can have some hilarious fun pronouncing the names of these delicious recipes. Turning it all into a drinking game kicks it up a notch.

But don’t be put off by these alien monikers. Most (not all) are delicious. Consider the familiar haggis, which everyone knows about but most Americans won’t try. (Anything poached in a sheep’s stomach makes most Yanks blink.) There’s Cullen skink, a truly lovely, smoky fish soup. Clootie is a dense pudding made with treacle and spices. Don’t forget cock-aleekie, which is hearty chicken and leek soup. I’m also most partial to rumbledethumps, a combination of the best Scottish Borders ingredients: potatoes, cabbage, onions, mashed potatoes and cheese. Yum! But my favorite by far is skirlie.

In its most basic form, skirlie is onions and oatmeal lightly fried in butter until it makes that all too familiar skirl sound. It truly doesn’t get much better than skirlie. Trust me!

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