Winter 2017 Feature: Desperados Waiting

By on October 18, 2017


An excerpt from Desperados Waiting…My father understood the simple truth that dads do a lousy job of teaching skills to their children. He knew that when it comes time for one’s offspring to learn how to hit a baseball, swing a golf club or drive a car, it is in the best interest of family harmony to let someone else, preferably someone better skilled, instruct.

So when it came time for me to learn the craft of upland hunting – how to shoot a scattergun and train a Labrador – Dad stepped aside and let his best friend Willis (Ole) Oldefest take the lead. For those of you familiar with Upper Midwestern Norwegian jokes, I will point out that while Ole had three wives (sequentially), none of them was named Lena.

Ole was a member of the Greatest Generation. A basketball star in high school, he got drafted after graduation and in early 1945 found himself in Patton’s Third Army fighting in France.

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