Meet Upland Almanac Contributors

Bryan Bilinksi, Upland Almanac ContributorBryan Bilinski, Contributor

Bryan Bilinski owns Fieldsport, purveyors of fine guns and renowned wing shooting instruction, based in Traverse City, Michigan. One of the country’s leading shotgun fitters and shooting instructors, Bryan is credited with introducing sporting clays to the United States.



Glen Blackwood, Upland Almanac ContributorGlen Blackwood, Contributor

Glen Blackwood, owner of the Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company, lives Rockford, Michigan, with his family and a trio of English springer spaniels. For the past 25 years, Glen has surrounded himself with sporting books, rods, artwork, and guns. When not at the store, Glen can be found wandering with rod and gun close at hand.


Walt Cottrell, Upland Almanac Contributor

Dr. Walt Cottrell, DVM, Contributor

Walt Cottrell practices veterinary medicine at State College, Pa., and is a certified wildlife biologist. He hunts upland birds whenever he can with his two English Setters.




Ernie Foster, Upland Almanac ContributorErnie Foster, Contributor

In addition to being a double gun enthusiast, Ernie has fished and hunted birds and big game across North America and different parts of the world. Ernie’s upland bird hunting is done behind four fine Brittanys.



Gordon HamersleyGordon Hamersley, Contributor

Gordon Hamersley is a New England based chef, cookbook author and culinary educator. He serves as an advisor to Future Chefs, a non-profit that prepares Boston teens for jobs in the culinary field.




Tom Keer, Upland Almanac ContributorTom Keer, Contributor

Tom Keer is an award-winning writer who regularly contributes to more than a dozen magazines and blogs. He and his family bird hunt over their three English setters for grouse, woodcock and quail along the Eastern Seaboard. Visit his websites at or at



Alan Liere, Upland Almanac ContributorAlan Liere, Contributor

A life-long resident of eastern Washington, Alan Liere is an award-winning humor columnist for several publications. He has published thousands of articles in dozens of regional and national hunting magazines. He is a member of Northwest Outdoor Writers’ Association, Outdoor Writers’ Association of America, Safari Club, Duck’s Unlimited, and the NRA.


Jessie Richards, Upland Almanac ContributorJessie Richards, Contributor

Jessie Richards is a full-time trainer focusing on Labrador retrievers. She can be reached at or on Facebook at




Alec-SparksAlec Sparks, Contributor

Alec Sparks has been training dogs professionally for over 22 years. He can be reached at