Inside Spring UA 2018

By on January 4, 2018

Inside the Upland Almanac Spring 2018 issue, enjoy a collection of art and personal stories in our Day’s End section with contributions from Greg Hoch, Jim Rataczak and Paul Tunkis.

With this issue Jodi Stemler writes about the impact of extreme weather events on upland bird populations. John Flores gives us insight into the Louisiana dove population. Alan Liere shares his fascination with bobwhite quail.

Alec Sparks discusses the training challenges of pointing dogs and Jessie Richards shares the benefits of raising a dog inside the home. Walt Cottrell, DVM answers a reader’s letter concerning a pup suffering seizures.

Bryan Bilinksi writes round five of “Why We Miss” and Ernie Foster shares some history on the SKB Model 605 Ducks Unlimited Over-Under.

In our Tailgate Review we’ll highlight some products from Firedisc Cookers and Orion Coolers. Plus famed chef Gordon Hamersley dishes up a recipe for Trout with Lemon, Butter and Parsley.

In our column Section 799.2, enjoy Dud’s Irisher by Arthur R. Macdougall, Jr.. And Glen Blackwood shares his favorite wing shooting author in his Pages Past column.

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