Spring 2018 Feature: Profile of Artist Leah Brigham

By on January 4, 2018

By Jeff Nedwick

An excerpt from Profile of the Artist: Leah Brigham…Every artist aspires to create a masterpiece, a statement so eloquently expressed that it leaves viewers feeling they have seen the familiar for the first time. The challenge lies in turning the ordinary – a game bird or a hunting dog – into something extraordinary, something that calls to mind a forgotten memory. This is precisely the aim of wildlife artist Leah Brigham.

Brigham’s oil paintings evoke a deep sense of nostalgia and tradition, a yearning for upland bird hunts of past generations. Their appeal lies in the ability to transport the observer to a simpler place and time, when hunting success had as much to do with the number of stories to share as it did the number of birds harvested.

One of her personal favorites – “Still Life” – depicts a harvest of one grouse and woodcock alongside vegetables and cooking utensils. When viewing the piece, one can imagine a lone hunter, returning from an afternoon spent in a familiar aspen stand on a cool fall afternoon, grateful for a dinner’s ration. Its beauty is in its simplicity: a subtle reminder that hunting success can’t be measured in social media “likes.”

Like many artists, Brigham often taps the roots of her personal experiences for inspiration.

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