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    A Hunter’s Sketchbook:

    Home Coverts

    “Gearing Up”

    September 28th, Roller Coaster. Plenty of green – like a jungle.

      Moved six grouse and  two woodcock, one “hope” shot. Heard more than we saw. Jess loves this place. Five points. At 7, she still quivers when I pull out the collar.

    “Dad’s Smith, Good as Ever”

    October 5th, Sofa Cover. Warm today. Glad we started early. Hope the weather turns soon – not many woodcock around.

    So we tried that big grouse brood. Jess nailed one under an apple tree. Dad’s Smith worked  great – bird toppled in the open.

    Wish he was here.

    “Escape Artist”

    October 9th, Roller Coaster. Aspens are yellowing, canopy dropping somewhat. Moved the same brood of grouse, managed to see them this time. I still missed.

    “Flights Are In!”

    October 18th, Hilltop Cover. Frost again this morning. Ferns down, leaves falling, too. Finally!

    Moved a dozen birds in an hour this time. A couple misses but made a nice right-to-left on a big female. Jess = Great point! Lots of fat on bird’s breast. Wish the next two weeks would last two months.

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