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    Dogtra, the producer of the world’s finest e-collars and dog training products, is proud to announce the expansion of the PATHFINDER product line, introducing the newest product, the PATHFINDER MINI.

    Like all PATHFINDER products, the PATHFINDER MINI connects via satellite to the PATHFINDER GPS Connector (market leading 2-second update rate), which is paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth without cellular data requirement, to relay the dog’s and user’s location, promising the most accurate, to-the-minute location tracking in its field. Additionally, the PATHFINDER MINI uses Google Maps™ along with an Offline Maps mode and is available to use without data, perfect for rural areas with poor cellular signal.

    Hunters know that their dogs can cover a lot of ground when in pursuit of game.  As a result, the mapping and satellite views on the PATHFINDER MINI will be especially useful since property lines can be outlined on both the mapping and satellite screen views.  This function allows the user to monitor the location and movement of his dogs should they get near property boundaries, public roads, streams or rivers.  Not only are hunters alerted to where their dogs are in relation to their location, knowing the exact location of the dogs at all times aids in a quick recovery at pick up time. 

    Created to be 22% smaller than the original PATHFINDER GPS collars, beagle and other small-breed dog owners can expect the same accurate and high-response tracking abilities while in the field, but now in a compact version. Like the larger PATHFINDER model, the PATHFINDER MINI can locate and track up to 21 dogs simultaneously.  Equipped with a 4-mile range, handlers can feel confident ensuring their dog’s travels will always be tracked using the multiple Google Maps™ views.   

    The PATHFINDER MINI features a ¾” strap width which is designed to be more proportional to beagles and small-breed dogs, allowing them to work harder without distraction from the added bulk of traditional e-collars. 

    Along with the advanced e-collar functions including Nick/Constant stimulation, an Audible Tone and Bark Indicator, the PATHFINDER MINI also comes with new Beacon & Locate LED Light which allows dogs to be easily seen in the dark.
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