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    Dreams . . . Delivered


    Owner: Chip Carter, Guilford, Vermont

    Dog: Tully, golden retriever

    Puppy 2012: The best gift before Christmas, a photo from a thoughtful breeder of Tully at 8 weeks of age. There is promise, there is potential, there is the possibility and the dream he will become my best hunting buddy and partner.

    Adult 2016:  After spending his first four years working quail in the South, Tully proudly delivers his first pheasant.


    Owner: Bret Thompson, Charo, Montana

    Dog: Bell, Brittany

    Puppy 2013: The day after Halloween, I set a bird down to she what she would do at 8 weeks old.

    Adult 2016: Bell is a natural – for both pointing and retrieving.

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