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    Owner: Doug Sandula, Saginaw, Michigan

    Dog: Penny, Brittany

    Puppy – 2012: Penny’s first-ever point on a wild bird. You can see the woodcock’s tail feathers in the lower right-hand corner (circled). Near Gladwin, Michigan.

    Adult – 2017: Holding tight as shadows lengthen on the final afternoon of the Michigan grouse season, Penny is about perfect on woodcock and very good on ruffed grouse.


    Owner: Ned Kellermann, New Berlin, Wisconsin

    Dog: Goose, Llewellin setter

    Puppy – 2014: The pup’s first real taste of a pheasant at a local hunt club on the first day of the year.

    Adult – 2016: At 3 years old, Goose put it all together on this hunt at the Bong Recreation Area in Kansasville, Wisconsin.

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