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    The Fausti XF4 Black: Quality Reigns Supreme

    The Fausti XF4 Black: Quality Reigns Supreme

    On the Bench

    A combination of high-quality design elements and expert craftsmanship makes the Fausti XF4 a shotgun that offers sophisticated construction, solid performance and gorgeous good looks.

    With full steel construction, high sheen, blued finish barrel set, satin receiver and a highly figured walnut stock, the XF4 is undeniably attractive. The gun is also equipped with key comfort features. The comb is fully adjustable, a right-hand palm swell fills out the grip, and the forearm has grooved finger wells for a confidence-building, overall nice fit.

    Fausti’s forged and blued steel internal components are able to handle the abuse and high round count sporting guns are subjected to. The XF4’s ventilated midribs are silver soldered for longevity, and the top rib has a unique progressive taper for a focused sight picture. The common inertia system for resetting the sear creates a less complicated mechanism. The gun’s fixed trigger position might not work for all. The only difference among the XF4 models is the color of the logo branding on the receiver.

    This Fausti’s overall proportions provide a good fit for shooters, and at roughly 8 pounds, the gun effectively dampens recoil. This weight, however, limits the gun’s effective use to the clays course.

    At the Range

    As you might expect with a gun of this quality, our shooters’ first reactions focused on its looks.

    “Pretty wood! Overall, sleek,” said Gilbert Holt. He also noted the shallow, slim style receiver.

    Rick Thomas added, “Nicely marbled wood. The gold on the extended tubes is a nice touch.”

    Both shooters mentioned a number of features that made the gun a serious tool for competition.

    “I really noticed the effect of that weight-forward design,” said Thomas. “The heavy front end really holds you on line. It’s very easy to maintain target acquisition. The barrels go where you point them and don’t go waving around a lot.”

    Holt agreed. “The gun moved well on the swing. It felt good between the hands, though the forend seemed a bit short — my index finger reached beyond the wood. The weight negated recoil.”

     He added, “The palm swell is nice, as is the wide rib and the adjustable comb.”

    Neither shooter was bothered by the gun’s fixed trigger position. In fact, they saw it as another sign of the quality of the gun.

    “That trigger was tight,” said Thomas. “No slop in it at all.”

    Finally, both agreed this was a fine tool for competitive shooting but too heavy to carry afield.

    Just the Facts

    •     Available Gauges: 12, 20, 28, .410

    •     Barrel Length: 28, 30, 32 inches

    •     Weight of 12-ga. Test Model: 7.9 pounds

    •     Length of Pull: 14.49 inches

    •     Grip: Pistol

    •     Chambers: 12, 20, and .410 – 3 inches; 28 – 2 ¾ inches

    •     MSRP: 12 and 20 – $4,900; 28 and .410 – $5,460

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