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    Fire Away!

    Syren Tempio

    Syren Tempio
    Syren Tempio
    On the Bench

    Syren USA is the division of Caesar Guerini USA that specializes in producing shotguns for women. To that end, Syren engineers guns to fit women’s anatomies and builds them with their body configurations in mind. One such gun, the Tempio field model, is elegant, balanced and soft hitting. At the same time, it is a serious shooting tool that doesn’t cut any corners with quality.

    The Tempio has a highly figured Turkish walnut stock with a Schnabel forearm. The standard, 13 ¾-inch length of pull is ideal for most women, who typically will have shorter arms than men. The stock is finished with a wooden butt plate for quick presentation: Unlike a tendency of a rubber pad, the wood plate will not grab at shooters’ clothing as the gun is being mounted.

    The receiver features a beautiful, corrosion-resistant, hand-polished coin finish. It’s adorned with roses and an ornate classic scroll and bouquet engraving motif throughout.

    For variable use, both in the field and on the clays course, the Tempio uses top rib, 28-inch barrels. The overbored barrels take the edge off the recoil and, additionally, improve the shot pattern. The choke tubes are nickel plated. This makes them easier to clean.

    The gun is easy to take down with a front button forearm release. An auto-safety is available as an option.

    It comes with a hard case, five chokes and accessories. It’s covered by Caesar Guerini’s lifetime warranty.

    Just the Facts

    •     Available Gauges: 20, 28
    •     Barrel Length: 28 inches
    •     Weight of 20-ga. test model: 6 pounds, 9 ounces
    •     Length of Pull: 133⁄4 inches
    •     Chambers: 3 inches
    •     MSRP: $4,485

    Syren USA LLC

    At the Range

    As with all Syren shotguns, this field model of the Tempio was designed and built for women. The best way to gauge the success of this design is to see how it performed for our three novice shooters. The women started out with a “regular” shotgun, built for men, generally speaking. As expected, they didn’t hit many targets at all. Once they switched to the Tempio, however, each woman was easily breaking targets. One even broke four in a row! Here are some of their observations.

    “Great length of pull. Better fit (than man’s gun) at chin and shoulder pocket. Better target acquisition and results. Great accuracy. Comfortable grips.”

    “Good heft. The fit feels precise and comfortable.”

    “I felt like I had good control and was able to shoot accurately even with my lack of experience. Good weight.”  At 5 feet 4 inches tall, she added, “It fits my small frame well.” She especially noted, “The length of pull is more comfortable for a petite frame.”

    All three shooters appreciated the gun’s optics.

    “It’s got a beautiful finish. Solid weight — sturdy but not too heavy. The high quality is immediately apparent.”

    “A beautiful gun with attractive engraving, wood grain and finish.”

    Only complaint? “Lose the flowers” in the engraving. One shooter felt that detail overplayed the “for women” aspect of the gun.

    The “Fire Away!” Team:

    Bench Report:
    Parker Bachelder
    Bachelder Master Gunmakers, Inc.,
    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Range Gear:
    WheelyBird 2.0 Electric Trap — Champion Range and Target,

    Federal Top Gun Sporting Ammunition, Federal Ammunition,


    Liz Balck – Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Nina Palmo – Austin, Texas
    Maggie Morrow – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    … With a Little Help from Our Friends

    WheelyBird 2.0 Electric Trap
    WheelyBird 2.0 Electric Trap
    This edition of “Fire Away!” marks the completion of the first year of our gun review department.

    From the outset, we had planned on taking guns from different manufacturers to the field in successive issues. Also, just to mix things up a bit, we wanted to use a variety of shooters. Those are the variables in our little test firings.

    But to standardize the conditions under which the tests were conducted, we felt two aspects of the process needed to be the same for each review session: the ammunition and the targeting system. For example, tests wouldn’t be conducted on even ground if we tested one shotgun on a sporting clays course and another by shooting at empty soda bottles. And by its nature, a clay target hand thrower presents targets differently with each fling and each flinger. Plus, to better compensate for shooter differences, it just made more sense to use the same ammo each time out. To add a degree of a control factor to our little shooting experiments, we were lucky beyond words to attract the interest of Champion Traps and Targets and Federal Premium Ammunition.

    To begin with, realizing we would be tossing a lot of clay targets for each shooter of each shotgun, Champion offered us the opportunity to go beyond the traditional hand-cranking, pull cord activated, mechanical clay target launcher. In doing so, they spoiled us for any future “home range” shooting we might want to do.

    Champion gave its original mobile trap some major upgrades and produced the WheelyBird 2.0 electric trap; that’s what it sent us for all our test shooting.

    Federal Premium Ammunition
    Federal Premium Ammunition

    The improvements start with the inclusion of the wireless remote. This allowed us to move around and shoot from a variety of positions and vantages without having to relocate the launcher itself. The remote can be programmed to delay the launch up to 15 seconds, a feature we fiddled around with once the “shooting for reviewing” tasks were completed. The delay helps to simulate a real hunt, as when one walks up to a dog on point but doesn’t know exactly when the bird will flush.

    In addition to the delay feature on the remote, the launcher itself can be adjusted to change both the speed of the clays and their angle of release.

    The solid tires and rubber-molded handle made it easy to transport the WheelyBird 2.0 from our vehicle to our chosen spot to shoot. It runs off a 12-volt dry cell marine battery. The upgraded metal clay stack holder can hold 50 clay targets, and it has a cycle time of 1.75 seconds.

    We found out just how fast that cycle time is when we used the foot pedal instead of the remote control. The pedal comes with a 25-foot cord, which again allows you to easily change positions for different shooting perspectives. We released the clays with our front foot and then lingered awhile, weight forward, to get our bearings for the shot. In lickety-split time, a second clay launched. Sometimes a third before we cleared our heads.

    Champion’s WheelyBird 2.0 was perfect for our needs and is portable enough that we’re thinking of taking it to bird hunting camp this fall just to stay sharp.

    Champion WheelyBird 2.0 (model #40925), MSRP $529.95, www.championtarget.com, 800-533-5000.

    Federal Premium Ammunition has always come through for us, both in the field and at the range, so we were more than excited to accept their offer to supply us with ammo for our field testing of the shotguns.

    For the 12- and 20-gauge guns we tested, they sent the latest iteration of their tried and true Top Gun loads, Top Gun Sporting — loads specifically designed for sporting clays. These are designed to shoot at high velocities while reducing felt recoil. That seems to be the case, for after three of our testing sessions, the shooters remarked how well they were able to dust the targets and how surprised they were that they didn’t have bruised shoulders.

    Both the 12- and 20-gauge shells propel shot at 1,250 feet per second (FPS). Our test shells used no. 7½ shot.

    The 28-gauge shells we received were the new addition to Federal’s Game-Shok line. They carried a hefty payload of 1 ounce of no. 6 shot. They drop off a bit in speed at 1,200 FPS. They must also do a good job on reducing recoil, for our novice women shooters noticed nothing about it, but after switching to the 20-gauge gun, all three of them remarked on how much it kicked.

    Federal Premium Ammunition, Top Gun Sporting, 12-ga. 7½ shot (TGS128 7.5) or 20-ga. no. 7½ shot (TGS224 7.5), $8.95 box; Game-Shok 28-ga. no. 6 shot (H289 6) $19.95; www.federalpremium.com.

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