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    Pointer Acrius

    On the Bench

    Pointer Acrius
    Pointer Acrius

    This is another decent, functional gun imported by Legacy Sports International of Reno, Nevada. It’s manufactured by KRC AV Ltd. in Konya, Turkey. As always, the finish and features are fine, but they aren’t the “fine art” of Italian shotguns costing 10 times more.

    The Turkish walnut stock on the test model was dark and rich-looking. It has a thin recoil pad, large palm swell, pistol grip and a Schnabel forend. The floral coin finish on the aluminum receiver dresses up the gun a bit.

    Another design feature that adds to the look of the Acrius is the fact that in a couple of spots, the components “stand proud.” This means they are raised a bit at the point of contact with the receiver and add more definition to the gun’s profile. Both the wood of the forend and stock where it meets the receiver and the hinge pin stand proud.

    Other notable features of the Acrius are its chrome-lined and vent-ribbed barrels, fiber-optic front bead sight and barrel selector.

    The safety operates manually, not automatically; the barrels feature extractors, not ejectors.

    One of the most appealing features of this shotgun is the fact that it is available in a youth model chambered in either 20-gauge or .410. The youth model comes with 26-inch barrels.

    Shooters have a wide array of shotguns to choose from today. The Acrius delivers a versatile gun without breaking the bank.

    At the Range

    To begin with, both gunners are good shots, and both shot well with this gun. They noticed, however, that among the dozens of targets they broke, they “dusted” very few. This led them to believe that the gun might have been shooting just a nick or two off-center. So this is definitely a gun you would want to pattern before shooting it when things count.

    Gilbert Holt found the gun’s wood to be “plain but acceptable,” and Edward Moore noticed the checkering for this “plain Jane” gun was “clean and crisp.” Both shooters appreciated the machined scrolling on the receiver. Holt liked the comfortable feel of the palm swell and how it helped the gun to feel good in his hands. Moore liked the way the fiber-optic sight helped him pick up the targets.

    The men disagreed on the look of the extended chokes. Holt felt they give the gun “an appearance of value” while Moore said they “look out of place.”

    Both men usually hunt with much more expensive guns. Nevertheless, the Acrius found favor with them. Holt called it “a nice, solid shooting 12-bore that has much utility in the field or on a clays course.” Moore also gives the Acrius a thumbs up, saying it’s a good value for the price and would work nicely as a “good rainy day gun.”

    Just the Facts

    • Available Gauges: 12, 20, 28, .410
    • Barrel Length: 28 inches
    • Weight of 12-ga. test model:
       6.6 pounds
    • Grip: Pistol
    • Chambers: 3-inch; 28-ga., 23⁄4-inch
    • MSRP: $589
    Fiber-optic front sight, comes with five choke tubes, available in youth model Legacy Sports International legacysports.com
    800-5-LEGACY (800-553-4229)

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