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    Henry Issues Recall

    Henry Repeating Arms Company is voluntarily recalling all H015-series Single Shot Shotguns and Single Shot Rifles manufactured prior to July 1, 2020. The company has recently discovered a potential safety issue wherein, under certain conditions – if the hammer is partially cocked and released – it is possible that some of the models might discharge without the trigger being pulled. Henry also advises owners of these models that, to avoid the possibility of serious injury or death, they should cease using these guns until they have been upgraded. Although not every Henry H015-series firearm might be affected, Henry is requesting that all Single Shot Rifles and Single Shot Shotguns be returned to be upgraded free of charge.

    The safety issue was actually discovered while the company was testing the fire control system for a trigger pull upgrade. It is the first safety recall in the company’s 25-year history.

    H015 owners may visit the Henry H015 Recall website at HenryUSA.com/recall, email recall@henryusa.com or call 866-200-2354 (Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm ET) to obtain additional information and begin the upgrade process.

    In a note of appreciation to its customers, Henry will also perform an unrelated performance upgrade to improve the trigger pull on all firearms returned pursuant to this recall free of charge.

    The “Fire Away!” team at The Upland Almanac was expecting a Henry Single Shot Shotgun to arrive for evaluating when the recall was initiated. We expect we’ll be able to report on the updated version of the gun in due time.

    Sure Can Customize This!

    When we evaluated the new Utility Tank from SureCan (“Tailgate Review,” Autumn 2020), we mentioned it quickly became a “must-have” in our vehicle when we headed outdoors. That means we have had a lot of hands-on experience with it since, and we’ve refined it in a way that makes it even easier to use.

    Liquids flow from the tank when its top handle is held down. SureCan supplies a strap that utilizes a hook and loop fastener to tighten and hold it around the depressed handle.

    We found we can get the same result and then some by using a widely available “handcuff”-type cable clamp instead of the strap. The difference between the two is that it only takes one hand to employ the clamp. The clamp can also be used in the same manner on the SureCan fuel cans (surecanusa.com).

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