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    It seems our hunting seasons have just begun, and now they are over. Year in and year out, I just cannot get over how fast autumn flies by. It’s like the migrating woodcock that leave us so soon in October or November. But now we are preparing for spring, and the woodcock will return. It’s just that we have to wait several long months to enjoy them again. Or do we?

    Readers of The Upland Almanac who live in the woodcock’s northern range know what I’m talking about. So do those who have read Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac and who remember the “Sky Dance” essay. Well, Gordon Hamersley, who used to write our “Upland Kitchen” column, lives up there and has read the essay.

    Now, don’t let the above sentence throw you off your feed. Gordon used to write “Upland Kitchen.” But that doesn’t mean he is going away. What is changing is that we are changing the name of his column from “Upland Kitchen” to “Upland Chef.” This will give Gordon more room to let you get acquainted with him and what makes him tick in the outdoors. While he might still deliver specific recipes on occasion, he is now free to write about those things that interest him so much in the world of upland game birds and cooking. He might write about different cooking methods, preferred cutlery. I’ve actually asked him to write about the unimaginable — why some people don’t like cilantro. Ha!

    To begin this new journey I am asking you to go on with Gordon, he is taking you to his own backyard and his own kitchen in the spring of the year.

    Please be sure to also head to England with Jack Ballard for a traditional driven pheasant shoot. He and his wife Lisa returned from there with quite a story and loads of photos.

    Greg Fritz will take you on a much shorter trip but one filled with much anxiety as he tries to locate his dog that ran off during a South Dakota pheasant hunt. And for something new and different, take a little boat ride with Stephen D. Carpenteri as he offers a tutorial on rail hunting. And did you know that President Grover Cleveland was a big-time outdoorsman? Check out “Section 799.2” to hear his thoughts on that topic.

    Once again, thank you for your continued support, and we hope we have earned the time you spend with us.

    - John C. Gosselin, Publisher

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