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    We are in the midst of another set of glorious upland bird seasons in all the different states. Some of us are wrapping up woodcock hunting while others are getting ready for their seasons to begin. Throughout the sweet spots in their range, grouse and pheasant seasons are in full swing. And in the South and Southwest, the best is yet to come for quail.

    No matter where you fall on that map of the 2020 bird hunting seasons, you all have something on the agenda in a couple of weeks. Soon after most of you receive this issue of The Upland Almanac, America will vote to see who gets to be our president for the next four years. Whether it is Joe Biden or the incumbent Donald Trump remains to be seen. Only time will tell. What is clear, though, is America is a country divided. There are many hot issues going into this election with strong opinions on both sides. Whether in person or by mail, I hope all of our readers are able to get to the ballot box and make their vote count! Maybe that’s one way we can all feel as if we are all in this together — if we participate in the special privilege we all have as Americans: the right to vote.

    You also have a right to read some good magazine articles about the hunting you are doing or would like to be doing. We’ve got a bunch of those for you this issue.

    First, Jeff Nedwick presents a fine profile of our cover artist for this issue, Bill Harrison. I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say he works magic with his pencil and paper.

    Jack Ballard invites us along to share his hits and misses from last year’s sharp-tailed grouse season. Jon Osborn does some deep thinking about shooting our limits. Joe Sands takes us to some of his top grouse and woodcock spots in Minnesota. And finally, Mike Lannoo takes a look at some old-time facts and figures about pheasants.

    All in all, these writers are giving us glimpses of our country through the eyes of bird hunters and bird hunting. We hope you like what you see.

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