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    As I write this, just past mid-November 2020, a few things are on my mind. First, I hope that with the autumn upsurge of Covid-19, all of our readers were able to fashion some kind of an enjoyable and fulfilling holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. It’s been a tough year as far as being together with family and friends go, and not being able to see them at the holidays would have made it worse for some of us. But here’s hoping that you realized it was for everybody’s health and you made it through OK.

    Next, I wonder how many of us had to sit and wait until we got the “all-clear” or the “forget about it” message from the people or the lodges where we were planning to attend for an out-of-state hunt. I have tentative plans made but like all of you have to wait to hear from the farm owner to see if it is OK to travel to his place.

    Third, again, as I type this we still don’t know who the winner of the 2020 presidential election is. They are still counting votes in some places, and some voting irregularities are still being challenged.

    But I will go out on a limb here and say that given the percentages of the breakdown of votes for president and U.S. senators, I bet about half of our readers will be pleased with the final decision and half won’t be.

    And that’s why I try to avoid political issues in this magazine. You can’t please everybody, and no one wants to upset the others. So, under my direction, this magazine has focused on what I’ve decided the main point should be: providing readers with the best writing about upland bird hunting that we can find.

    And because of that, I am pleased to report that starting with this issue, writer Bob DeMott will begin to offer you some brief articles – essays really – that have to do with the bird hunting he loves so much.

    Bob is a retired professor of English from Ohio University. He is a scholar of all things John Steinbeck and was a friend of the wonderful American writer Jim Harrison. In fact, he edited Conversations with Jim Harrison, both its first version and the recently revised and updated version.

    Bob also co-edited Afield: American Writers on Bird Dogs, which we reviewed in these pages (Winter 2010).

    Bob is also an expert fly fisherman and spends about a month each summer wading his favorite streams in Montana. He’s certified as a casting instructor with Fly Fishers International, a member of the Anglers Club of New York and a life member of both Trout Unlimited and the Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers.

    As we do for several regular contributors to The Upland Almanac, we reviewed Bob’s non-bird hunting book about a lifetime of fly fishing, Angling Days: A Fly Fisher’s Journal (Winter 2016).

    Bob brings to his writing a passion for bird hunting with pointing dogs, a preference for his Ryman-style English setters Maddie and Kate, a certain degree of polish and an appreciation of good writing and the ability to produce it.

    We hope you will be as delighted to see his work appear on a regular basis as we are in providing it to you.

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