Inside the Magazine

The Upland Almanac is a quarterly print publication celebrating the upland hunting tradition. Each issue features destinations, shooting tips, culinary secrets, classic fiction, fine shotguns, and much, much more!

For a sampling of our feature stories, please review some excerpts from our recent issues:
Summer 2019
Spring 2019
Winter 2018
Autumn 2018

In addition to our feature stories, each issue of the magazine includes over a dozen departments, including:

UA-Icon Flushes & Noteworthy Points

News briefs, insights and oddities from the upland gunning world.

UA-Icon Bird Dogs-Health Matters

Dr. Hank Clemmons answers readers’ questions concerning canine health issues.

UA-Icon The Upland Kitchen

Chef Gordon Hamersley and readers contribute their mouth-watering upland game recipes for everyone to try.

UA-Icon Conservation Viewpoint

Representatives from upland bird-friendly conservation groups discuss topics hunters need to know about.

UA-Icon For the Birds

The latest news from the top upland bird-friendly conservation groups in the nation.

UA-Icon Tailgate Review

Staff-written, experience-based reviews of the latest products for bird hunters.

UA-Icon 799.2

Section 799.2 is the area in the library that houses hunting literature. This department will feature more of the same.

UA-Icon In the Swing

Expert shooting instructor Bryan Bilinksi offers tips to improve your shooting.

UA-Icon The Check Cord

Trainers Alec Sparks (pointing dogs) and Jessie Richards (flushing breeds) offer tips on dog training that will help you make your pup all it can be.

UA-Icon Pages Past

Glen Blackwood guides readers on an in-depth tour of the best of the best of classic sporting literature.

UA-Icon Classic Upland Guns

Ernie Foster gives readers a detailed history and discussion of current values of classic shotguns.

UA-Icon Classifieds

The perfect place to find interesting books, breeders, dog trainers, guides, destinations, guns and other hunting supplies. Interested in taking out an ad?

UA-Icon Tailfeathers

UA‘s award-winning editor Thomas Carney gives you a glimpse -often lighthearted, sometimes introspective- of what is going on in his mind.