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    Comfort Afield

    Like Tom Carney (“Tailfeathers,” Spring 2021), I also had a Barbour waxed cotton jacket that I stopped wearing for several reasons. I found it to not be completely waterproof, and in fact it made me feel cold and clammy in cold, dry weather. I also did not want to look like the yuppie that decided to look the part of an outdoorsman by buying the latest outdoor fashion statement.

    I used to hunt in the rain in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northeast when we only had one week to hunt and had to make every day count: sun, rain, sleet or snow. Sometime in the 1980s, I bought a Gore-Tex rain jacket and hunting pants from L.L.Bean and they did the job, and I still wear them. Unfortunately, like all the great things that were once for sale at Bean, they are no longer available.

    Walking miles in all kinds of cover takes a lot of energy, and when your legs start cramping up, you realize every extra ounce is costly. Carrying a lighter gun and wearing the lightest boots possible make a huge difference in your endurance. It is not easy finding boots under two pounds each that are uninsulated and waterproof, but they are out there, and they are relatively inexpensive when you find them. They are the best investment you can make for enjoyable grouse and woodcock hunting in weather above freezing.

    Bob LaViano, Saddle River, New Jersey

    “No Birds” Was Accurate

    I am in complete agreement with William R. Baker regarding “No Birds” in northeast Ohio (“Mailbox,” Spring 2021).

    Northeast Ohio doesn’t stock birds, and I have not purchased an Ohio license for some time and will spend my money in states that have done so.

    It is sad to see hunters with their confused dogs and empty game pouches at Grand River Wildlife Area in NE Ohio when other states have mowed trails and planted reforestation for future hunters. I am an 80-year-old grouse hunter, and we have not seen grouse here since 1965 due to poor forest management.

    Very good magazine you put out; I wish I had a bird story to add.

    Gary D. Poling,
    Leroy Township, Ohio


    In our Spring 2021 issue, we inadvertently misspelled the name of the writer of our “799.2” piece. His name is Horatio Bigelow, not Horace. We regret the error.

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