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    Readers Approve Summer ’21 Issue

    Thanks for the touching tribute to Ted Lundrigan (“Holding On and Letting Go” by Jon Osborn). One more reminder that life is short and family comes first, with hunting and bird dogs a very close second.
    Jay Hanson, Lewistown, Montana

    Spot on article by Bob DeMott (“In Praise of Wild Tables, Part I – From the Field”). I only hunt grouse and woodcock now but utilize every usable part, including the woodcock trail. I like that Bob respects these great game birds.
    Ron Rellatz, Merton, Wisconsin

    Kudos on the latest issue. Enjoyed Tom Carney’s “Tailfeathers” column (“Common Ground”). Dr. Hank’s material is always a good read, and it’s great to see you have Bob DeMott aboard as a regular
    Eldon Thomas, Otisville, New York

    Please tell Tom Carney he did a nice job on his “Tailfeathers” column. I really enjoyed the book Braiding Sweetgrass also.
    Robert Lesser, North Platte, Nebraska

    Got the magazine today. Tom Carney’s “Tailfeathers” was brilliant. Bob DeMott on food is great, too!
    Greg Easterly, Mission, Kansas

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