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    Applause for Alec!

    As a dog trainer who has learned my fair share through mistakes, I hope you reprint Alec Sparks’ Autumn 2021 article (“Rookie Mistakes”) every year.

    Pound for pound, word for word, it weighs heavy on wisdom.

    Gerald Cook, Franklin, Tennessee

    Thanks, Hank!

    I was surprised by Dr. Hank’s column where he says you don’t need any kind of training or schooling to start your own pet food company and that you can make almost any claim about it in your advertising (“Why Risk It?” Autumn 2021).

    So, I did a deep dive on the internet myself and was astounded to find out that he was just putting things mildly.

    I learned there is a subtext to what he was telling us and that is that the dog food companies aren’t looking out for us; we have to look out for ourselves and our dogs on our own. Thank you, Dr. Hank, for the heads up!

    Barry Tennet, Muskogee, Oklahoma

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