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    Tailgate Review

    Otis Smart Gun Care



    Ripcord – $14.99

    •  Lightweight

    •    Three leading edges for aggressive cleaning

    •    Standard 8-32 threaded ends accept accessories

    •    Available in 12- and 20-gauge sizes

    Ever find yourself in the middle of a hunt, far from your vehicle with shotgun barrels in sore need of a quick debris removal? Or at day’s end knowing you should clean that gun, but you’re just too tired to get out the kit and have at it? The Ripcord can help. Its cord is made of Nomex, the fibers of which act as both a brush and a patch to loosen and capture fouling particles. Near the rear (breech) end, the cord envelops three rubberized balls that collapse just enough to squeeze into the barrel but that expand enough to keep the material in constant contact with the barrel’s walls – something we’ve never accomplished with patches. We tested the effectiveness of the Ripcord on two shotguns we thought we had put away “clean.” The Ripcord found more dirt and left the barrels shining. It’ll carry well in a vest or a pants pocket.

    PEET Shoe Dryer, Inc.


    800-222-PEET (7338)

    Peet D’odoriz’r Module $69.99

    •    Quiet and safe – meets EPA and OSHA ozone standards

    •    Energy-efficient

    •    Adaptable for use both with and without PEET Dryer models

    Dry your boots daily after each hunt, says Blair Peet, President of PEET’s, and there’s no need to deodorize them. But no one does, and that’s where the D’odoriz’r Module comes in. We don’t understand the science behind the odor destroying ozone process the module activates. All we know is that it works! We tested the unit only on a pair of daily-worn, smelly slippers and then, in combination with the PEET Original Dryer, on a pair of hunting boots. After a few hours, each pair came out smelling as fresh as a morning breeze.

    The module is not limited to hunting boots. Peet mentions it is a godsend on ice skates or running shoes and can be used all year long. Got a duffle bag of smelly hunting clothes or hockey gear?  Peet advises: “Put the module in the bag, zip it up, and let it work for a few hours.” He also mentions it can be hung in a small closet, and with the appropriate adapter, it can get rid of the wet dog smell in hunting vehicles that must also provide date night transportation.




    Sportsman Xtreme Diamond Hone 317 Knife Sharpener $99.99

    •    Works on most knives including hunting, pocket and tactical; both straight-edged and serrated blades

    •    Effective for both thick and thin blades

    •    Now available in a TrueTimber camo pattern

    The bones of this little workhorse are comprised of the same sharpening system that was top-rated by Cooks Illustrated magazine (August 2015). In Stage One of the process, diamond abrasives sharpen and hone. Stage Two finishes the edge using advanced flexible stropping/polishing disks. The slots for each side of the knife take the guesswork out of properly angling the knife to sharpen it. We tried it on one of our high-quality kitchen knives, and with only two pulls through Stage One and three through Stage Two, that blade was as sharp as new. For those times when electricity isn’t available and a little touch-up work is needed, check out the Compact Sharpener (Model 476 – $7.99), which uses the same Two-Stage sharpening principles in a manual format. After just a couple of tugs through the slots, the blade on our 47-year-old Swiss Army knife took an edge that had been missing for years.




    Drop D3 Wireless Environmental Data Logger $179

    •    Measures and logs accurate environmental conditions

    •    Monitors temperature, relative humidity, heat index, dew point and more

    •  Free download of Kestrel LiNKConnect App

    The Kestrel Drop D3 is a great tool that will assist you in your hunting ventures. It is designed to monitor and record information upland hunters need to know for a successful hunt. With the Kestrel LiNK software downloaded into your smartphone, you can view real time readings from any Drop D3 within wireless range via Bluetooth.

    During testing, we found one occasion when the relative humidity dropped from 54 to less than 10 as a dry, cold front moved through. The bird locating ability of the dogs dropped significantly as well, reinforcing the realization that we shouldn’t always blame the dogs when they can’t scent birds.

    Another great feature for dog owners is you can clip the logger in your travel kennel or trailer while parked, and with a check of your cell phone, you can know the exact temperature inside the kennel.

    We found the Kestrel Drop 3 to be very helpful for upland hunters in several ways.

    Nite Ize, Inc.



    Gear Tie – $4.49 and up

    Cordable – $4.99 and up

    BetterBand – $3.89 and up

    •    Reusable rubber-coated twist ties

    •    Wide range of lengths

    •    Variety of products to help secure any gear

    Nite Ize Gear Ties products help keep it all together – seriously. With various sizes and specialty designs to wrap around just about anything, Gear Ties keep gear organized and in place. We found nearly endless possibilities. The original Gear Ties can play a role in situations limited only by one’s imagination. They can secure and hang outerwear, hold extra canoe paddles in place, bundle commonly used camping tools for storage in a single location, hold together a multi-section fishing rod, work as a portable tie-out loop for your dog during break time in the woods and so on.

    The loop in the Cordable slips over the end of a cord, like the one for a dog’s e-collar charging cord, thus keeping the twist tie always handy when it’s time to pack up.

    Coming in various lengths and with adjustable sizing clips, the BetterBand is useful for wrapping sleeping bags or maintaining order in the pile of maps for a trip. The ties grip snugly, hold tight and are reusable, making them the perfect accessory for keeping everything together and in the right place.

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