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    Tailgate Review

    SportDog Brand
    SportHunter 1225X — $239.95

    • Range of ¾ mile

    • 21 levels of stimulation including tone and vibration

    • Waterproof to 25 feet

    • Expandable up to three dogs

    SportDog has updated its mid-level e-collar in the long-range SportHunter family. For the hunter whose dog likes to head out almost to the horizon, it has that ¾-mile range. It’s made waterproof by SportDog’s DryTek technology. Its easy-to-operate transmitter makes it easy to administer corrections — vibration, tone or electronic impulse — without looking away from the dog. Compared to the original 1225 model, the 1225X has 21 levels of static stimulation instead of seven. Other changes we noticed are that the lithium ion battery seems to have a longer retention of its charge than the battery in the earlier version did. We’ve used one on our test dog almost daily for four months and usually have to charge it only about three times every two weeks.

    Another point of comparison is the transmitter and receiver shells seem more rugged with a “rubberized” coating than those of the earlier version. Finally, rather than being built from plastic-covered nylon netting, the collar’s strap is also built out of what seems to be a much more durable rubber-type product.

    Why Women Hunt
    by K.J. Houtman
    Wild River Press

    243 pages
    ISBN: 9780999309346

    This coffee table-style book explores the motivations that impel women to hunt by featuring the personal journeys of 18 women representing a spectrum of life experiences and hunting expertise. Each woman’s story eloquently articulates the individual hunts, personal tragedies or heartwarming relationships that led the women afield. Some have taken exotic journeys to far-off lands. Others revel in their local grouse woods, but knit throughout is the love of nature, food and family.

    And here’s a special touch: After the stories, each chapter concludes with an “In Her Own Words” passage. Here, the author features the responses of all the women to different questions about themselves as hunters. Some of the questions ask about their favorite sound on a hunt, the greatest obstacle for women getting started in hunting, how one conquers a fear of hunting.

    Sized at 5 by 11 inches, this is also a beautifully designed book that would look good displayed in the home. It contains 90 original color photos and is printed in Michigan on heavy matte stock bound by a durable hard cover using paper milled in Wisconsin.

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