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    Filson and Helinox

    Filson and Helinox
    877- 267-2882
    Table One Hardtop – $165

    • Easy setup

    • 100-pound capacity

    • Stows easily

    Filson and Helinox, two brands known for creating essential, high-quality gear for the outdoors, have embarked upon a collaboration to build outdoor furniture that is as durable as it is functional and attractive.

    The new collection includes a “lounge-ready” Sunset Chair, a Cot One Convertible and the item we asked to test, the Table One Hard Top.

    At 2.2 pounds and constructed of 600D polyester, the table is both lightweight and durable. Its assembled height is 15 inches, making it a good side table for a camp chair or a spot to lay out some lunch fixings once the dogs are kenneled. It comes in both a solid tan and Filson’s Shrub Camo print. It also includes its own solidly constructed stow bag.

    We like how quickly the table can be erected — in less than a minute once you know what you are doing — and how it immediately became a “go-to” piece of essential gear for holding those lunch items, as a solid place to set the water jug while we filled the dogs’ bowls, a place to toss the cap, shooting glasses and gloves while we take a break during the hunt. The fact that its legs remove and, along with the top, fold into a Filson-twill stuff bag means the table can be easily stowed away in and retrieved from your vehicle; unlike rigid tables, it doesn’t require an area large enough for its top where you would likely bury it with other gear.

    The Table One Hard Top is available at both websites, above.

    Killer in the Woods
    Rick Van Etten
    Proud Point Press
    254 pages
    ISBN 9781734826906
    – $9.99

    What’s not to like about Robert Vance, the main character in Rick Van Etten’s first novel? He is the editor of a magazine for bird hunters who loves going afield with his German wire-haired pointer “Preacher,” named after Clint Eastwood’s character in Pale Rider. He admits to being an elitist about bird hunting and has no tolerance for “the many hunters who tend to skimp when it comes to feeding their dogs.”

    He can’t stand sloppy writers, and as for the readers who whine when he doesn’t choose their dogs’ photos for the annual puppy issue, he says, “Is it any wonder I occasionally feel the urge to take on the type of moonlighting job I’ve described?”

    Oh, yeah. The moonlighting job. On the side, Vance is a contract killer. But not just any contract killer. He has a code, five rules to live – err – to kill by. One of those is “No collateral damage.” Others must not be harmed, and innocents must not take the fall.

    About a week after he does the deed on Frank Reynolds, Vance learns another person is being charged with the murder. Because of the code, he sets out to exonerate the suspect while not drawing suspicion to himself.

    Van Etten, retired editor of Gun Dog magazine, knows a thing or two about bird hunting. One hopes, however, he had to research the contract killing part of his story. He said he had to research the bird hunting lodges and their standard daily itineraries. He got that part down perfectly. We’ll trust him with the other details.

    Van Etten has created a real page-turner but not in the classic “horror on every page” sense. It’s that his writing style is so smooth and so easy to read that pages seem to turn themselves. It’s not easy to produce writing without any hiccups, but Van Etten does just that in this book, a very entertaining read.

    Boomerang Tool Company
    boomerangtool.com    909-923-780
    Hunting Gear Tethers
    – $15.95 to $27.95

    • Retractable gear tether for upland hunting gear

    • Carabiner or hook-loop strap attachments

    • Strong, durable Kevlar retractable cord

    • Quick disconnect

    Boomerang Tool Company Retractable Hunting Gear Tethers are the answer to securing many of the items used by upland hunters, especially those who have lost expensive electronic equipment.

    The tethers are very durable and allow easy access to gear.

    We found the Small tether to be great for whistles with the 24-inch retractable cord perfect for periodic use. The small tether also works well for compasses, game calls and items up to 4 ounces.

    The Medium tether has a longer, 36-inch cord and works well for most training collar handheld units up to 6 ounces like the SportDog Upland Hunter.

    The Large tether has a 48-inch cord and is made for items up to 8 ounces. During testing, the Garmin Astro 320 handheld was a bit heavy for the large tether and would drop a few inches away from the case. Fortunately, both the Large and Xtreme sizes include locks to stop retraction and remove tension from the cord to hold heavier items in place.

    The Xtreme size has a 36-inch cord that works well with the larger handheld tower units like Dogtra Edge, Garmin Pro 550, SportDog ProHunter and heavier units up to 14 ounces.

    Browning Women’s Range Wear
    Ace Shooting Vest
    – $59.99
    REACTAR G3 Recoil
    Pad – $24.99

    • Side tabs allow narrowing

      around waist

    • Polyester/spandex fabric

      with mesh inserts creates

      ease of movement

    • Bellows shell pockets and

      back pocket for empties

    • Recoil pad’s “tower and

     gap” design reduces
      felt recoil

    Combining form and function, Browning’s line of performance women’s range wear provides well-designed comfort for those long hours on the clays course. Fashion shouldn’t matter, but it’s nice to have things fit properly, and the Ace Shooting Vest offers a slim profile packed with features. All of Browning’s garments have a shoulder pocket intended for the interchangeable REACTAR G3 Recoil Pad, which might be considered an essential addition to the shooting bag. The pad’s “tower and gap” design compresses to absorb shock that significantly reduces felt recoil, even after hundreds of rounds. But its thin design does not affect length of pull. In our field test, the vest fit comfortably and performed perfectly – and even garnered some compliments at the range! It is highly recommended, particularly with the recoil pad.

    Elizabeth Shooting Shirt – $64.99

    • Contemporary,
       functional design

    • UPF-50+

    • Bi-swing shoulder

    Aside from the fact that it is designed and tailored for women, the Elizabeth Shooting Shirt is comfortable because of its lightweight construction. Its highly breathable, 100% polyester construction with underarm mesh panels really helps to minimize the effects of heat. As with all of Browning’s garments, the shirt has a shoulder pocket for the

    G3 Recoil Pad. And so it also provided comfort and a degree
    of shoulder protection in addition to its light weight and
    good looks.

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