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    Tailgate Review

    Irish Setter
    Pinnacle Boots

     $199.99 – $239.99

    • Temperature regulating

    •    Great stability and comfort

    •     Available in insulated and noninsulated versions

    Irish Setter Pinnacle boots are like vacuum bottles for your feet: They’ll keep cool feet cool and warm feet warm. This is because the TempSens technology used in their construction helps regulate the temperature within the boot.

    On the outside, the Pinnacle’s patented ATC outsole with Ground Sensing technology allows the sole to shape and contour to rocks and uneven surfaces to enhance underfoot stability. Also, the contoured last and footbed are built to ensure excellent fit and superior comfort. The Anti-Torsion TPU Chassis extends from heel to forefoot, providing underfoot support on uneven or rocky ground. The boots also feature UltraDry waterproofing.

    We tested style #2700, a 7-inch noninsulated boot in Irish Setter Earth Field Camo Leather. As always, we expect the boots to meet two easily observable standards. First, do they come in widths, and here the answer is, “Yes, D and EE for men; B and D for women.” Second, do our feet feel as good at night when we remove the boots as they did in the morning when we put them on. And here, the Pinnacle gets a resounding “Yes!”

    One reason they feel so good: The memory foam collar both allows users to tighten laces yet maintain comfort when moving and protects ankles from getting struck by rocks and other objects.

    Roadie 24 – $199.99

    Other Items at Various Prices

    •    Three new colors for 2021!

    •    Inspired by sights that emerge in autumn

    •    Roadie 24 redesigned

     Just in time for your fall forays, YETI has added three new colors to its lineup. The Sharptail Taupe is inspired by the bronzed prairie in Big Sky Country and the elusive grouse that calls it home. It is available in various Rambler drinkware items. The Harvest Red brings to mind autumn’s cool, fresh air and sweet fruits. Highlands Olive, of course, triggers images of “the rich and rugged terrain on the Scottish Coast.” The red and the olive are available on a variety of items including drinkware, hard coolers and soft coolers. All three colors are muted just enough to add to their visual appeal.

    We tested the Roadie 24 cooler in Harvest Red. While we are very familiar with other cooler models, YETI intrigued us with its claim that this version is 10% lighter in weight, will hold 20% more and offers 30% better thermal performance than its predecessor. It will hold 24 pounds of ice only. It can also handle 18 cans of beverages. Two other features also caught our attention. First is its minimal width, 117⁄8 inches, that allows the

    cooler to ride in a vehicle on the floor behind the driver or passenger seat. Also, unlike traditional coolers, this one is taller than it is wide – tall enough for wine or juice bottles and milk cartons we otherwise would have to pack on angles if we are going to get the tops closed completely.

    In our unscientific test, the prechilled Roadie 24 kept a plastic bottled beverage cold for about 2½ days before the ice melted.


    onX Hunt

    $29.99/year and up

    •    NEW! Crop Distribution Layer

    In addition to all the features we’ve come to love about the onX Hunt GPS app, check out what is now available: a Crop Distribution layer that highlights 19 different crops. From corn and soybeans to grain and wheat, each crop is color-coded and can be turned on and displayed individually on the map. Hunters can also turn on the fallow/idle crop layer to identify fields that weren’t planted the previous year and are likely to be new food sources when they are planted – hotspots to where the birds have headed once the pressure got to them.

    As usual, users can choose different layers to display the information in the manner they find the most helpful. Check out the photos for an example.


    Cordia Ranch Jacket – $225

    •    Water repellant outer shell fabric

    •    Both snap and zipper front enclosures

    •    Quilted lining

    •    Lifetime repair or replacement


     Cordia is a Latin name for a group of trees and shrubs that grow in warmer climates. Named after these trees that line the entrance to its founder’s ranch, Cordia Hunting Company provides quality apparel for hunters and ranchers.

    The Upland Almanac staff was impressed with the Cordia Ranch Jacket as a “go-to” upland hunting jacket. Comfortable, lightweight, breathable, quiet, tough and durable, the jacket held up very well during a season’s worth of field testing during which it received lots of use. At under 2 pounds, the jacket has a great warmth-to-weight ratio. The water and tear resistant fabric can be wiped clean with a wet rag.

    The jacket has plenty of pockets including two fleece-lined for warming hands, two waterproof-taped zipper pockets perfect for cell phones, as well as two large interior zippered pockets for valuables like a wallet. It comes in two colors, camel and green, and is

    available in men’s sizes Small

    through XXL.

    The Cordia Ranch Jacket became one of our favorites whether in the field, at the ranch or in town.

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