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    Tailgate Review

    Gumleaf USA



    Viking – $260

    • Handmade from all natural gum rubber

    • Accommodates calves up to 20 inches in circumference

    We own knee-high boots that cost more than the Vikings and some that cost less. None are as comfortable. What makes these the best in our book is the combination of the Viking’s expandable gusset in the top, the generous sizing scheme and the neoprene lining (5 mm in the footbed, 4 mm in the upper). The gusset opens up plenty of room for easily stepping into the equally roomy boot – no gymnastics required. The lining both makes it easy to slide into and out of the boot and delivers a nice, cushioned fit. The nonslip sole with all-terrain grip offers traction we’ve never felt in other knee-highs. The air-cushioned heel and forefoot plus the wonderful arch support add a degree of comfort we’ve never before experienced. The Viking is also available in women’s sizes.

    Birchwood Casey, LLC



    Offeye Optical Filters – $11.99

    • For shooters with off-eye dominance

    • Removable, reusable

    • Fit all types of eye protection

    These shooting aids are available in different patterns to adjust to the amount of filtering a shooter needs to shift more vision strength to the aiming eye.

    The filters are removable and reusable vinyl static cling material that fits all types of eye protection. They eliminate smeared lenses from commonly used materials such as tape or lip balm. The filters can be cut for a more custom fit if needed.

    During testing, shooters started with the strongest filter applied over the dominant eye and then tested the lighter filters to see which ones worked best. Each tester settled on a different filter pattern, showing that every shooter requires a different amount of filtering. Birchwood Casey provides several different filter options in each package.

    These filters made it easier to shoot successfully with both eyes open.

    K-9 Enterprises



    Traveling Canteen Dog Bowl – $84.95

    • Capacity: ½ gallon dry dog food, 2½ gallons water

    • Virtually leakproof and spillproof

    • Available in white stone or blaze orange

    • Built-in carrying handle

    With its unique design, the Traveling Canteen is very sturdy and almost indestructible. Its easily removable lids seal tightly to keep water and food in and debris out. The large, 7-inch openings for both the food and water can be opened separately.

    It is easy and convenient to transport, store and use. For the traveling bird dog owner, it eliminates tipped over dog food bags and spilled water from the equation. We found it great for traveling with dogs on both short and longer trips and can highly recommend it.

    Mud River Dog Products



    4-inch Memory Foam Dog Bed

    $115 Regular – $148 Large

    • Better weight distribution

    • Additional support and comfort for muscles and joints

    • Contours to body shape and alleviates pressure points

    A solid piece of foam with 2 inches of support foam laminated to 2 inches of memory foam provides dogs with all-around comfort.

    The Regular size (37 by 24 inches) fits most dogs up to 50 pounds. The Large size (43 by 30 inches) is recommended for dogs over 60 pounds.

    The cover, made from water repellant, ripstop material, can be removed for easy cleaning.

    We found the bed to be a favorite resting place of our canine testers, especially the pregnant one who made the bed her new maternity mattress. The only negative we saw with the bed is it’s not recommended for chronic chewers.

    A Closer Look

    Syren USA



    Syren burst onto the scene just a few short years ago and revolutionized shooting sports by manufacturing guns designed specifically to fit women shooters. These guns are fabulous, and they are now adding a line of accessories that also more closely aligns with what women want out of the gear they would take to the gun range.

    Italian Shooting Vest


    •    Wear-all-day comfort

    •    Stylish looks

    •    Suede shoulder pad provides extra comfort

    •    Deep, suede-trimmed pockets for shells and a large mesh hull bag in the back

    Syren’s shooting vest is a perfect accessory for a day at the range. The stylish cut of the vest is flattering for the female form with the suede-covered shoulder pad providing plenty of protection for a full day of shooting. Because it is designed so perfectly for female shooters, there is no gapping or extra fabric that can hinder the smooth motion of shouldering a gun. The mesh ventilation on the back and the off shoulder keeps shooters comfortable on hot days, and the vest would be perfect for competition with number clips built into the back above the mesh.

    Range Tote


    •    Padded, heavyweight nylon construction

    •    Plenty of space for up to 12 boxes of shotgun shells

    •    Interior pockets for shooting accessories

    •    Padded “purse-like” straps and a longer, padded shoulder strap

    Heading to the range requires schlepping lots of shells, accessories and gear. The Syren Range Tote keeps everything organized. This bag has plenty of space to carry enough shells to shoot as many as 300 rounds on the clays range and to pack extra chokes, eye and ear protection and even a water bottle. The attractive styling doesn’t scream “gun bag” and could even double as an overnight tote, particularly for someone who wants to subtly flaunt her shooting prowess.

    Forcing Cone Gun Slip


    •    Heavy padded nylon construction

    •    Comfortable padded shoulder strap and rubber handgrip

    •    Secure closures keep gun in place

    This gun slip is a step above the basic gun sleeve. Its heavyweight, padded construction will protect even the finest shotgun. The top flap securely closes over the sleeve for quick trips between sporting clays stations; the Velcro wrap can also be employed for longer trips. The padded rubber handgrip makes it a breeze to stash and retrieve the gun into and out of vehicles. The padded shoulder strap makes carrying the gun for longer distances extremely comfortable.

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