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    The Fausti Aphrodite O/U Shotgun

    The O/U model “APHRODITE” comes in 12, 20 and 28ga as well as .410 bore in either traditional hunting or sporting configurations. Barrels are available in different lengths – from short 63.5-cm- hunting barrels with fixed chokes to 76-cm long sporting barrels with interchangeable choke tubes. Our long forcing cones and innovative internal geometry reduce recoil and improve ballistic performance. The “APHRODITE” features the spectacular handling characteristics and balance typical of all FAUSTI guns. Weight ranges between 5.9 lbs. – 7.4 lbs. depending upon gauge. Stocks are AA+ Walnut with oil finish with a round pistol grip. Most importantly, its stock dimensions of drop and cast, the Montecarlo stock, trigger pull length and pad allow women to shoot it in a very natural way. No detail is ever neglected.
    For more details go to faustiusa.com.

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