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    column by: John C. Gosselin

    Sometimes the speed with which news breaks outpaces our ability to share it with you in a timely manner. ...Read More >


    Dreams . . . Delivered

    column by: Lucas Frederick

    This is Oz after his first encounter with a live bird. ...Read More >


    Flushes & Noteworthy Points

    Weather Trends, Not Eye Worms, Responsible for Perceived Drop in Quail Numbers
    column by: Tom Carney

    Despite public speculation to the contrary, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation says no scientific evidence exists to support the widely held opinion that eye worms are to blame for an unexpected decline in the number of bobwhite quail this past year. In fact, one official at the department – an avid quail hunter – has a feeling the hot, dry weather conditions simply stymied dogs and their ability to locate birds. ...Read More >


    For the Birds

    RGS, RGS/AWS, Woodcock Limited, NBCI
    column by: Staff

    The Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS) received accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in February 2018, an honor that shows members and the public the organization meets the high BBB standards of integrity and performance, and that it’s an organization they can trust in the marketplace of conservation. ...Read More >


    Healthy Dog

    Think Environment First
    column by: Walt Cottrell, DVM

    During last hunting season, our setter Lily developed some pink/red areas on her belly and chest, most the size of a penny, some smaller. They aren’t itchy. Some would develop into crusty scabs, which would dry up and fall off. ...Read More >


    The Check Cord

    Retrieving Training: When Things Go Wrong in the Field; A Young Dog’s First Hunt
    column by: Alec Sparks, Jessie Richards

    For many of you with dogs, having them retrieve downed game is as important as pointing it; for others, not so much. That discussion is best left to the Internet forums where it plays out in a “delightful” manner from time to time. ...Read More >


    Classic Upland Guns

    W. Richards Hammer Gun – The .410 Challenge
    column by: Ernie Foster

    It is tough to get along in age and be challenged by one of your sons, and now the adult grandsons are coming on strong. Mentoring and passing on the torch are where my heart and mind have always been, but these “whippersnappers” had an agenda to sandbag their dad and grandfather in my grouse and woodcock coverts in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, where they were weaned on upland bird hunting. ...Read More >


    In the Swing

    Cross-eye Dominance
    column by: Bryan E. Bilinski

    I’m left-eye dominant and shoot right-handed. I’ve never been comfortable shooting with an obscuration dot on my left lens. What do you typically recommend for shooters with this problem? ...Read More >


    The Upland Kitchen

    Crispy Panko-Crusted Grouse and Wild Mushrooms Spiked with Cognac
    column by: Gordon Hamersley

    I’m a terrible grouse shot, so amazingly, I hit the first partridge of the season I saw. The springer and I were coming around a corner of a logging road on our way to the first cover not paying any attention whatsoever when I was startled into instinctive action. The dog charged, the grouse took off, and I fired, somehow managing to scratch the bird down. ...Read More >


    Pages Past

    Collection Cornerstones
    column by: Glen Blackwood

    Whether one is a casual reader of wing shooting books or an avid collector, the process of selecting the next title to either read or purchase can be daunting. An Internet search will bring a multitude of volumes to your computer screen. ...Read More >


    Day’s End

    Bird Camp, Hidden Lake
    column by: Jerry Dennis

    Monday (Oct. 3). Temp 70, too hot to hunt, most of the leaves still on the trees. ...Read More >



    column by: Tom Carney

    “A great man is coming to eat at my house. I do not wish to please him; I wish that he should wish to please me.” – Henry David Thoreau, Walden. I think Thoreau is saying one of the qualities of being “great” is treating others as if they are more important than you theoretically are. A corollary to that might be, “The degree of one’s humility reveals the degree of one’s dignity.” ...Read More >


    Fear and Loathing in Southern Oregon

    feature by: Alan Liere

    Last fall, I found myself wandering the rim of a chukar canyon above Oregon’s Owyhee River. It had been a rigorous day already, and I was fighting a charley horse the size of a Morgan. Despite the prodigious numbers of chukars in the area, I had managed only a couple shots, both misses, and though I was exhausted and desperately wanted to join my friends back at camp, I didn’t want to go in birdless. I was beginning to hate chukar hunting. ...Read More >


    A Fellow Can Come Back with a Bird or with a Passel of Good Excuses

    Section 799.2
    feature by: John W. Randolph

    Colrain, Massachusetts – A boisterous wind following a furious rain mixed with a little snow is taking the last of the leaves off the trees now, stripping the proud upland hunter of one of his soundest excuses for not killing birds. ...Read More >


    The Scout – 2018

    feature by: Timothy C. Flanigan, John N. Felsher, Jeff Nedwick, David Books

    It’s time for our annual preseason look at the habitat conditions, weather phenomena and bird populations across the Lower 48 states that will probably play a major role in the situations you face when you step into your favorite upland bird hunting spot this autumn. ...Read More >


    Hunting Alberta’s Odd Couple

    The sharp-tailed grouse is a rather refined native, and the Hun, a somewhat pert and sassy immigrant.
    feature by: Ken Bailey

    To the untrained eye, the landscape is a vast expanse of golds and browns stretching from horizon to horizon, interrupted only by the occasional caragana hedgerow or copse of poplar. To the knowledgeable upland bird hunter, however, Alberta’s eastern prairie is no mere flat grassland. ...Read More >


    Building for the Future:

    Alabama Moves to Restore Wild Quail Populations
    feature by: John N. Felsher

    Since Colonial times, gentlemen sportsmen have adorned themselves in their finest shooting jackets and taken to the fields as the frost whitened the ground each winter to follow enthusiastic dogs on the hunt for King Bob, the bobwhite quail. At the signal, dogs locked on point, moved in to make feathered firecrackers explode from the thicket and fly to the nearest sanctuary as fast as their stubby wings could flap. ...Read More >


    Tailgate Review

    HydraPak, LOWA Boots, SportDog Brand
    whatsnew by: Staff

    Easier than a plastic milk bottle to fill, haul, pack and use for watering the pups or ourselves, the Expedition also holds twice as much liquid. ...Read More >



    New Releases • Reprints • Birds • Dogs • Guns • DVDs
    other by: Staff

    This is a magnificent, photo-driven coffee table book and the most ambitious title ever attempted on gallinaceous birds, or as they are more commonly known, game birds. ...Read More >

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