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    column by: John C. Gosselin

    Well, my friends, here we are! Pretty soon our favorite bird- hunting seasons will be here. Whatever your upland bird of choice is, I hope you have an eventful and safe hunting season. ...Read More >


    Dreams . . . Delivered

    Dog: Ox, German shorthaired pointer
    column by: Staff

    Ox, 4 months old, shows interest towards a pen-raised quail just out of frame. ...Read More >


    Flushes & Noteworthy Points

    column by: Staff

    As South Dakota prepares for a second century of pheasant hunting, Gov. Kristi Noem signed the pheasant habitat funding law. ...Read More >


    For the Birds

    Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, NBCI, NAGP, RGS/AWS, Woodcock Limited, Pheasants Forever
    column by: Staff

    Bird hunting is generational. From the guns we shoot to the dogs we chase, each aspect of upland hunting carries with it a sense of past and future. To many, this tradition seems perpetual and unchanging. Yet upland hunters recognize that there are clear and present threats to our pastime. ...Read More >


    Bird Dogs – Health Matters

    First-Aid Kit: User-Friendly Tips
    column by: Dr. Hank Clemmons

    Assembling a first-aid kit for a hunting dog is easy if you know what to buy and where to buy it. Knowing how and when to use the equipment is as important as having it on hand. The kit you carry should reflect your training and skill level. ...Read More >


    The Check Cord

    All Point, No Bird
    column by: Alec Sparks

    “Unproductive” and “false” points are not uncommon with some dogs, but why was the point unproductive or false in the first place? ...Read More >


    Classic Upland Guns

    Harrington & Richardson, Inc. Hammerless Side-by-Side 1882–1885: The A Grade
    column by: Ernie Foster

    With each article, I try to offer a different smoothbore gunmaker or manufacturer from an extensive range of makers, periods, designs, quality and suggested values. In the Winter 2008 issue of The Upland Almanac, I wrote about the beautiful Harrington & Richardson (H&R) side-by-side hammerless shotguns offered from 1882 to 1885. ...Read More >


    In the Swing

    The Hunting Trip from Hell! Part I
    column by: Bryan E. Bilinski

    Dear Bryan, I just got invited to go on a pheasant hunting trip to South Dakota. The three guys who invited me I met at a conservation organization banquet fundraiser. I barely know them, but they seem like good guys. Since this will be my first big-time bird hunt, do you have any advice to help me prepare for this hunt of a lifetime? ...Read More >


    The Upland Kitchen

    Fiona’s Birthday Grouse and Woodcock Stuffing
    column by: Gordon Hamersley

    Late in autumn, here in New England, many grouse hunters begin to move out of the coverts when the rifle deer season starts. Our time in the woods is long compared to theirs, and out of respect for their short number of days afield, we put the brakes on bird hunting for a couple of weeks. For us, it’s like having two seasons. ...Read More >


    Pages Past

    MVP: Most Valuable Paperback
    column by: Glen Blackwood

    The impetus for this column came from another Upland Almanac columnist along with a phone call from a friend whose English setter Ruger had a porcupine encounter last spring. ...Read More >


    Day’s End

    Enjoying the Ride
    column by: Jim Gilsdorf

    Why are grouse hunters so serious? Why is a bird in hand worth so much more than one in the bush? ...Read More >



    Byproducts of a Certain Vintage
    column by: Tom Carney

    “It’s a long time between Octobers.” Tom Huggler sure got it right in that opening sentence to the “Ruffed Grouse” chapter of his book, Grouse of North America. ...Read More >


    From: The Upland Equation

    The Dog
    feature by: Charles Fergus

    It is a sensuous thing, having a dog. The other day I was assembling a blueberry pie, wearing only boxer shorts because it was a sticky summer’s evening, when the spaniel came sneaking and surprised me behind the knee with her ice-cube nose. In winter, when I lie before the fire, she curls up in the crook of my body. ...Read More >


    South Dakota Pheasant Hunting at 100: The Conservation Connection

    A Second Century of High-Quality Pheasant Hunting Hinges on Habitat Conservation
    feature by: Jodi Stemler

    When talk turns to a century of pheasant hunting in South Dakota, it is impossible to separate the connection between quality pheasant hunting and quality pheasant habitat. The two are inextricably intertwined, and the cyclical rise and fall of both over the past century tells a hope-filled tale for the continued possibility of outstanding hunting. ...Read More >


    The Scout: 2019

    feature by: Timothy C. Flanigan, John N. Felsher, Jeff Nedwick, David Books

    It’s time for our annual preseason look at habitat conditions, weather phenomena and bird populations across the lower 48 states that will probably play a major role in the situations you face when you step into your favorite upland bird-hunting spot this autumn. ...Read More >


    Enough to Make a Preacher Swear

    feature by: T.C. Flanigan

    In truth, the words shucks, darn or phooey would have been wholly insufficient for the calamity that we had just experienced. And although the preacher always encouraged his congregation members to witness, this was one event for which he wished there had been none. ...Read More >


    Texas Shortgrass:

    One Man’s Quest to Restore the Prairie
    feature by: John Flores, text and photos

    retired environmental engineer from Austin, Texas, Mike McCloskey is on a mission. The bucolic Texan purchased his Twistflower Ranch, a 5,800-acre spread in West Texas near the town of Iraan some 20 years ago after his retirement. His quest has been a race against time to restore the ranch to its natural state. ...Read More >


    I Can’t Look Back

    feature by: Alan Liere

    Until I heard that chukar hunting was better across the Snake River from Wawawai Canyon where I had hunted most of my life, I never had to worry about backing a boat trailer down the Wawawai Landing boat ramp. ...Read More >


    Tailgate Review

    whatsnew by: Staff

    Applying the same design standards to this new line of eyewear for hunters as it does to its military models, Revision has developed for sportsmen sunglasses whose lenses meet the same impact and ballistic requirements demanded by the U.S. military. ...Read More >



    New Releases • Reprints • Birds • Dogs • Guns • DVDs
    other by: Staff

    ird Dogs & Birds is the second collection of 34 original bird hunting short stories written by lifelong upland bird hunter and outdoor writer, Chuck Martin. ...Read More >

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