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    Upland Almanac Summer 2017

    On the Cover: “Climbing High” is the name of this fine art by David Maass, Courtesy of Wild Wings. For more information on his artwork visit his website at www.wildwings.com.

    Volume 20, Number 3 | ISSN:

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    column by: John C. Gosselin

    Now is the time of year when we can’t seem to get lost in conversation about “next season” without having to face up to another annual conversation starter we always seem to have: “Getting in Shape for Hunting.” ...Read More >


    Flushes & Noteworthy Points

    column by: Compiled by Tom Keer

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has finalized plans for the creation of the Great Thicket National Wildlife Refuge in New England and eastern New York. The refuge joins 565 other national wildlife refuges spanning some 150 million acres. ...Read More >


    Dreams . . . Delivered

    column by: Bruce H. McArthur, Gail Jacobsen

    Puppy – 2007: At 6 weeks of age, Pepper captured the attention and the hearts of Bruce and his wife. Soon after, he took the trip home with them from Georgia. ...Read More >


    For the Birds

    column by: Staff

    The RGS/AWS is excited to announce the hiring of two new wildlife biologists. Heather Shaw is the new regional wildlife biologist for the Eastern Great Lakes Region (Michigan, Ohio and Indiana). Valerie Johnson is the first RGS/AWS forest wildlife specialist in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, a position stationed in Spooner, Wisconsin. ...Read More >


    Healthy Dog

    Focus on the Big Picture, the Whole Dog
    column by: Walt Cottrell, DVM

    Last fall my 5-year-old male Lab cut his main pad, we still don’t know on what, and was laid up for a good part of the season because it was slow to heal. I’ve had him on rough surfaces to avoid last year’s experience. Is there anything else I can do? ...Read More >


    The Check Cord

    Mirror Gazing 101, The Puppy Is in the House!
    column by: Alec Sparks, Jessie Richards

    A fair number of pointing dog owners have far too much dog for their actual needs. Some of these people hunt grouse, woodcock and/or some preserve birds. Many others who either travel to open country or live there are sometimes over-dogged, too. What’s my definition of over-dogged? It’s a dog that has far more independence than is required for the owner’s needs or requirements. ...Read More >


    Classic Upland Guns

    John Browning A-5 Sweet Sixteen
    column by: Ernie Foster

    One of the greatest and most prolific gun designers ever was John Moses Browning (Jan. 23, 1855 – Nov. 26, 1926), born in Ogden, Utah. John Browning has been credited with 128 patents in military and civilian firearms of all styles, mechanisms and models. ...Read More >


    In the Swing

    Why We Miss – and Other True Mysteries of Our Lives as Wing Shooters • Part II
    column by: Bryan E. Bilinski

    I am fond of saying while coaching fellow wing shooters, “You can’t fix a problem until you identify it.” So let’s continue with identifying some key reasons we all miss with a shotgun. I covered three reasons in Part I, and the list continues. ...Read More >


    The Upland Kitchen

    Pheasant Breasts with Moroccan-Spiced Beans, Garlic and Tomatoes
    column by: Gordon Hamersley

    A few years back on a trip to Morocco, I was delighted to see pheasants and grouse still in feather, hanging on hooks in the medinas/markets ready to be sold. Each bird had a tag on its leg with the stamp of the king – proof that they had been harvested legally with permission. Of course, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt and a committed band of conservationists, the United States banned market hunting at the turn of the last century and kept vast expanses of land open to public hunting. Something we should never take for granted. ...Read More >


    Pages Past

    A Midsummer Night’s Read
    column by: Glen Blackwood

    Summer is here and opening day is just a few scant weeks away. Your opener might offer doves coursing across a sunflower field, bombastic coveys of prairie birds or a grouse twisting through a stand of cigar-sized aspen. Each quarry is unique, as are the shots they offer. A trip or two to a sporting clays course will provide diversity of target presentations. But will a couple hundred squeezes of the trigger truly provide the consistency needed to succeed when dogs make game this fall? ...Read More >


    Day’s End

    Not Shooting Woodcock
    column by: Lee Arten, Larry E. Slaughterbeck

    My brother’s army buddy lived on a 40 outside town. The old farm had several small fields edged with “fences,” rocks that had been plowed up and piled. Between fields alders had come up thick. My springer Hog would patrol the clumps and flush birds. He was good on grouse. Woodcock held closer and made him look near perfect. ...Read More >



    When Dogs Depart
    column by: Tom Carney

    More than I’ll ever know, I imagine, would-be contributors to this magazine have been stymied by an edict I posted nine years ago near the top of our contributor guidelines: “No dead dog stories, please.” ...Read More >


    A Letter to the Author’s Son, Patrick H. Mackay

    feature by: John W. Mackay

    Dear Pat, I am writing this book to help you enjoy a wonderful hobby in the years ahead–through your own efforts. I know that you are already most interested in helping me to raise and hold game birds and in training and looking after our hunting dogs. I know, too, what a tremendous thrill was yours–as well as mine–one Thanksgiving at Patience Island when you brought down several flighted mallard ducks with the same 28-gauge Parker shotgun that your Grandpa gave me when I was twelve years old. ...Read More >


    Eatin’ Dust

    feature by: Alan Liere

    An outdoor writers’ organization I belong to holds its annual three-day meeting in the boardroom of whichever hotel will give us the cheapest rooms. For three riotous days, we drink black coffee, eat brown donuts and watch videos in which salmon spawn, pheasants flush, turkeys and grouse strut and bullets slam into huge blocks of jiggling gelatin. ...Read More >


    Road Trip

    Huns on the Edge
    feature by: Story and Photos by John Pollmann

    It’s hard to tell how many birds are in the covey. A flurry of stubby wing beats and raspy calls, the Hungarian partridge flush then sail across a Saskatchewan wheat field lifting slightly to cross a fence. They angle toward the edge of a distant swale of thick grass and land haphazardly like pebbles tossed into a pond. Are there a dozen? Maybe more? The number doesn’t really matter. What does, though, is the fact that I missed. ...Read More >


    Loss of Sage in Great Basin Impacts Upland Bird Numbers

    feature by: Jim Matthews

    One of the greatest upland bird hunting areas in the West, the Great Basin of Nevada and surrounding states, is in jeopardy of losing most of its sagebrush habitat and the wildlife populations that depend on sage for food and cover. ...Read More >



    Artisanal Gunmaking in the 21st Century
    feature by: Ernie Foster

    I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, collected my luggage, cleared customs and proceeded to the pickup area with some concern about connecting with my transport to Suhl, home of Merkel Jagd – Und Sportwaffen Gmbh Hunting and Sporting Firearms. My concerns were unwarranted; standing among the hundreds of people at baggage claim was a well-dressed individual holding a neatly printed sign that read “Ernie Foster.” He grasped my travel bag and escorted me to the chauffeur parking area, where a Mercedes Benz Maybach S600 awaited us. ...Read More >


    Tailgate Review

    whatsnew by: Staff

    Ever find yourself in the middle of a hunt, far from your vehicle with shotgun barrels in sore need of a quick debris removal? Or at day’s end knowing you should clean that gun, but you’re just too tired to get out the kit and have at it? The Ripcord can help. ...Read More >



    New Releases • Reprints • Birds • Dogs • Guns • DVDs
    other by: Staff

    This is a magnificent, photo-driven coffee table book and the most ambitious title ever attempted on gallinaceous birds, or as they are more commonly known, game birds. Gary Kramer is likely the only individual to have ever photographed and published images of all 34 game birds found in the United States and Canada, making this book a milestone achievement. ...Read More >

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