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    Upland Almanac Summer 2019

    On the Cover: “Lifting Fog – Pheasants” is the name of this fine art by Rosemary Millette, Courtesy of Wild Wings, LLC. For more information on her artwork visit his website at www.wildwings.com.

    Volume 22, Number 2 | ISSN:

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    column by: John C. Gosselin

    Welcome to our Summer 2019 issue of The Upland Almanac! ...Read More >


    Dreams . . . Delivered

    Brody, Gordon setter
    column by: Jordan Janowiak

    Brody was 2 at the time. ...Read More >



    Fit to Be Tidied
    column by: Tom Carney

    Maureen emerged from the basement storage area bearing a load. Onto the growing pile in the middle of the room, she tossed a pair of figure skates, a varsity jacket with black leather sleeves, several hardback books, a harmonica, a hot glue gun and a Peter Frampton LP. ...Read More >


    The Upland Kitchen

    Shallow-Fried Pheasant Sandwich with Spicy Summer Slaw
    column by: Gordon Hamersley

    The neighborhood late summer picnic last year brought a vast array of food. We all brought a little something, and the vegetables from each family’s garden made for salads that were colorful and uniquely flavored. There was a line for the burgers that snaked around the yard, but the star of the day had to be the platter of fried chicken sitting regally at center stage. ...Read More >


    The Check Cord

    Range, A Proper Introduction to Water
    column by: Alec Sparks, Jessie Richards

    I can’t tell you at what distance your dog should range, but I’d guess you have some pretty firm opinions. Different people have different desires and expectations. Some folks want a close working dog because they like to watch it work, while others enjoy watching them run or finding a dog staunch long on point. ...Read More >


    Pages Past

    Value in Paperback
    column by: Glen Blackwood

    A luxury of summer is reading outside. Whether on your back porch, beside a trout stream or in a beach chair, summer reading seems a little more laid back than other times of the year. With this luxury come pitfalls as well. ...Read More >


    Under Church Auspices

    column by: Horace Lytle

    My heart was set on Hungarian partridges. We found them, too, my companion and I – but more interesting than that to all thinking sportsmen will be the story of what we learned when we invaded that part of northwestern Ohio controlled by the Plain Church Game Association. ...Read More >


    Flushes & Noteworthy Points

    “Do We Hear the Emptiness?” – An Update on Ruffed Grouse
    column by: Staff

    The message from the Ruffed Grouse Society in our Spring 2019 issue was this: In Indiana, the ruffed grouse population has dropped enough to consider listing it as an endangered species in that state. ...Read More >


    For the Birds

    Farm Bill Boosts Prospects
    column by: Staff

    During the waning days of 2018, the 115th Congress gave bobwhite quail enthusiasts reason for optimism by finally passing a new Farm Bill, the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, that President Donald Trump signed. ...Read More >


    Bird Dogs – Health Matters

    Be Prepared
    column by: Dr. Hank Clemmons

    Running through dense woods at full speed, jumping logs, climbing rocky hillsides, encountering wild animals – your hunting dog is the ultimate extreme sports athlete. Injuries are going to occur. ...Read More >


    Classic Upland Guns

    J. T. Hartwell
    column by: Ernie Foster

    On this autumn morning I am standing in my shooting butt, located on one of the UK’s finest shooting grounds, with a matched pair of beautiful, Joseph Thomas Hartwell 12-bore, side-by-side guns waiting for the driven pheasant flyover. ...Read More >


    In the Swing

    Instinctive Wing Shooting: What Does It Really Mean Today?
    column by: Bryan E. Bilinski

    Bonjour Monsieur: I have a question that has been bothering me for a while. Do you think what is called an “instinctive shot” is still valid today?” In regards to other techniques, it seems relegated to history. Thank you for responding to my inquiry. – Your French Fan, Djamel ...Read More >


    Coteau des Prairies:

    A Higher Love
    feature by: Mike Lannoo

    Is there any hunting image more spectacular than a protesting rooster pheasant reflecting the low winter sun against an ice blue sky? ...Read More >



    feature by: Kelsey Roseth, text and photos

    A breed that loads of hunters are not familiar with, the Irish red and white setter (IRWS), is famous for bringing its own style and attitude to the uplands. ...Read More >


    Chukar Camp Revisited

    feature by: Alan Liere, text and photos

    “It’s chukar season!” Mark Midtlyng chirped into the phone. “Some of the old crew is getting together again this year here on Brownlee Reservoir for the September 15 opener. Why don’t you join us? It will be just like the old days. We’ll camp and hunt for two days, eat junk food, and in the evening we’ll drink a few beers and brag about our dogs. ...Read More >


    Citizen Scientists and Woodcock Banding:

    Still an Important Management Tool
    feature by: Greg Hoch

    Every year, graduate students, technicians, college professors, agency researchers and dedicated volunteers fan out across the woodlands of eastern North America or sit at their computers turning raw data into information. All of this effort is to learn more about the habits and habitats of the American woodcock. ...Read More >


    It Was Funny to Me

    feature by: Alan Liere

    In June when we were 17, my best friend Eddie and I planned for what would be our first hunting season. Without mentors, Eddie and I knew only what we had read about pheasants, and I now find it extremely puzzling that two boys who went on to become such hunting fanatics were not guided along the way by a father or uncle or older cousin. ...Read More >


    Day’s End

    A Bird Hunting Memory
    feature by: Larry E. Slaughterbeck

    In the beginning, back in the 1950s, the first day of the pheasant season was a major event to be embraced and cherished. I was a young boy, no more than 10 years old. It was the first hunting season I remember and still lives in my imagination. ...Read More >


    Tailgate Review

    whatsnew by: Staff

    The 3-Layer Field Jacket is built for the upland hunter who encounters severe rain, sleet and snow in addition to brush and heavy cover. We found it stopped the water, the wind and most of the chill we encountered on a late-season rainy day. ...Read More >



    New Releases • Reprints • Birds • Dogs • Guns • DVDs
    other by: Staff

    Among the Aspens is the latest collection of essays on the outdoors from acclaimed nature and outdoor writer Thomas Carney. Culled from fifteen years’-worth of his award-winning “Tailfeathers” column in The Upland Almanac quarterly magazine, each of the thirty-nine pieces has been reworked, renewed, and “remastered” to offer readers a fresh taste of the classic bird hunting themes Tom joyously explores. ...Read More >

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