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    Upland Almanac Winter 2017

    On the Cover: “Resolute” is the name of this fine art by Ross B. Young. For more information on his artwork visit his website at www.rossyoung.com.

    Volume 20, Number 4 | ISSN:

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    Dreams . . . Delivered

    column by: Irvin Moran, Doug Ziegler

    Showing birdiness and style at 6 weeks of age. My wife and I selected her from seven females in the litter. We could have closed our eyes and picked a puppy from this litter, but our eyes and dreams went with Dixie. ...Read More >



    column by: John C. Gosselin

    The other afternoon, some gusty winds and moderate rain made my dogs and me seek shelter from the pheasant fields. Back home, I hopped onto my computer, and I found a “quiz” of sorts that supposedly determines where you should live based on the choices you make between images they show you. ...Read More >


    Flushes & Noteworthy Points

    column by: Staff

    It is with great pleasure we present for your viewing enjoyment the American Custom Gunmakers Guild 2017 Custom Shotgun Project. Hopefully more than one of you viewing this gun will want to buy it. The project was designed so that the stock dimensions can be altered to fit the new owner. As you see, the craftsmen who worked on the project did a magnificent job of paying attention to the details. It is not only beautiful but functional as well. Functional Art. ...Read More >


    For the Birds

    column by: Staff

    The newest chapter to our organization, the Woodcock Conservancy, which covers the state of New Jersey – home to some habitat critical to the birds using the eastern flyway – will be hosting our upcoming annual meeting in March 2018. Steve DelRossi, who serves on the boards for both Woodcock Limited (WL) and the Woodcock Conservancy, is finalizing plans for the event. ...Read More >


    The Check Cord

    Hard Truths About Rescue Dogs, The Hold Command / Force Fetching
    column by: Alec Sparks, Jessie Richards

    I never would have imagined that the subject of adopting a working dog from a rescue league would be such a distastefully polarizing issue with so many people. That’s just what I found on a popular online dog training forum, though: angry and cynical people venting and complaining about experiences and others providing sympathetic shoulders to cry on. ...Read More >


    Classic Upland Guns

    Five Generations of Ludwig Borovnik Gunmaking
    column by: Ernie Foster

    You do not run into many Ludwig Borovnik firearms, but when you do, the craftsmanship is striking, and it’s clear that the family-made, handcrafted firearms are of exceptional quality. ...Read More >


    In the Swing

    Why We Miss • Part IV
    column by: Bryan E. Bilinski

    And the reasons we miss … increase. Before you read this article, you might enjoy refreshing your memory with parts I through III of this series in the three previous issues of the magazine. Those begin our discussion of some of the reasons we somewhat imperfect human beings all miss with our beloved shotguns. Now, we continue. ...Read More >


    The Upland Kitchen

    Chukar Partridge with Vidalia Onions, Mushrooms and Roasted Lemon
    column by: Gordon Hamersley

    My friend David spends much of his life hunting and fishing around the world, and his emails from the road always leave me with mixed emotions. Sure I feel pure joy for him – “You’re where? Slovenia fishing for grayling? Nice!” But I’m simultaneously disgusted, envious and jealous – “I can’t leave town for a month, Dave. I’m just going to hunt stocked pheasants again this week. Really I’m fine with it.” Right. ...Read More >


    Pages Past

    Biological Books and Bulletins
    column by: Glen Blackwood

    As dusk comes earlier, the evening air is the coldest of the season. It is time to build a fire and ponder the wing shooting reading that will carry us toward spring. While many gravitate toward the lyrical writings of Burton Spiller, Havilah Babc... ...Read More >


    The Latest Dog

    column by: Arthur R. Macdougall, Jr.

    The last kindness of the October sun touched the wide valley of the upper Kennebec. It was a stone’s throw back to summer, and a toss to the white months of winter. I took my hat and set it on my head, and started upstreet in search of Dud Dean. It was high time to get out in the hills, where the ruffed grouse were drumming in the lazy autumn air. ...Read More >


    Day’s End

    The Divine Torture
    column by: Jim Gilsdorf

    On one finger of the lake I was walking uphill from the edge, and from the bottom edge my new hunting apprentice, a “kid” younger than my starting-to-gray offspring, let out a “Damn!” “What’s the matter?” I called. ...Read More >



    Of Note
    column by: Tom Carney

    You know how hearing an old song can unlock memories from years and years ago? My reporter’s notebooks do the same thing. Rummaging through several of them recently to see if enough pages remain for reporting more stories, I came across quotes, notions and inspirations that had long ago been recorded and promptly forgotten. ...Read More >


    Desperados Waiting

    feature by: Mike Lannoo, story and photo

    My father understood the simple truth that dads do a lousy job of teaching skills to their children. He knew that when it comes time for one’s offspring to learn how to hit a baseball, swing a golf club or drive a car, it is in the best interest of family harmony to let someone else, preferably someone better skilled, instruct. ...Read More >


    Good Stuff

    feature by: Alan Liere

    In late January, when many of my bird hunting buddies are escaping to some exotic sun-bleached destination, I stay home and mount birds. The process of filling out the skin of a game bird with plastic foam, clay, cotton batting and wire goes by several names. Some call it “mounting.” Others call it “stuffing,” but so far, coming up with politically correct terminology has not been possible, for no matter which one I use, I come off sounding like a pervert. ...Read More >


    Road Trip

    The Great Canadian Grouse Experiment
    feature by: Tom Carney, story and photos

    Growing up not far from Detroit, we listened to Foster Hewitt calling the play-by-play of Maple Leaf or Canadiens games as we watched “Hockey Night in Canada,” broadcast on CKLW, Channel 9 out of Windsor, Ontario. It came in as clearly as any of the Detroit TV stations. ...Read More >


    Western Quail Hunting:

    A Calling Primer
    feature by: Jim Matthews

    Most Western quail hunters don’t have a clue about how and when to use a call during the hunting season or during preseason scouting, and most also don’t realize how much fun quail calling can be, especially during spring scouting. ...Read More >


    Grouse Season Sunset

    feature by: Brian Netzel, story and photos

    The longer you hunt a place, the fewer steps there are between memories. Long after the greens of mid-September erupted into the golds, reds and oranges of October, long after those same bright colors melded into a muddled brown and the first sheets of ice found their way into puddles along the two-track trails, it is the twilight, both literally and figuratively, of another Minnesota grouse season. ...Read More >


    Land Between Two Rivers

    feature by: Tom Huggler

    A bird hunter slows the pickup. But a woodcock hunter stops. From the gravel road that stitches together a pair of Upper Peninsula rivers, the canopy of young alder and aspen looks promising. ...Read More >


    Tailgate Review

    whatsnew by: Staff

    We own knee-high boots that cost more than the Vikings and some that cost less. None are as comfortable. What makes these the best in our book is the combination of the Viking’s expandable gusset in the top, the generous sizing scheme and the neoprene lining (5 mm in the footbed, 4 mm in the upper). ...Read More >



    New Releases • Reprints • Birds • Dogs • Guns • DVDs
    other by: Staff

    Celebrity Llewellyn setter “Dash” is the son of Hank and star of the television series “Hunting With Hank.” This audio book traces Dash’s life from puppyhood, through his training, to his travels with TV producer Dez Young. ...Read More >

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