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from the Publisher

Thanks to everyone who reached out to acknowledge the design and printing changes to our first issue as new owners.

In addition, the compliments were extended to the quality of photos, expanded page counts, allowing for more in-depth story telling and better advertising.

You can expect more of the same, but I am happy to hear from you at info@uplandalmanac.com.

As a result of a conversation about “the end of hunting season is the start of reading season,” I'm asking our readership: Which books or publications are you reading?

As for me, I have Bryan Bilinski's Wingshooting: The Art and Science and Tom Carney's Among the Aspens, which I hope to finish soon.

I would appreciate it if you sent us an email with what other magazines, online articles and books you read or tell us about your favorite videos and podcasts; we're genuinely interested in what you like.

Thank you once again for your kind words and your support.

Happy New Year!

Ernie Foster, IV, President/Publisher

As a newcomer to upland bird hunting, I've found immense pleasure in revamping The Upland Almanac! Exploring everything about bird hunting has been an incredible journey for me – the dogs, the landscapes, the birds, the firearms – it's all utterly captivating. I don't just craft the magazine; I delve into every page, absorbing knowledge. Anything that eludes my understanding, I do a bit of researching.

Ever since reading the Autumn issue's article about Making Game: An Essay on Woodcock by Guy de la Valdène, I've been deeply fascinated by this petite bird. I've even begun reading the book and am eagerly anticipating an outing with fellow bird enthusiast Ernie Foster, IV. For now, though, my camera will be my shooting tool of choice.

Your comments and feedback have been incredibly rewarding and insightful. I genuinely appreciate it and would love to keep hearing from you, so please continue sharing your thoughts.

Jennifer Truelson, Art Director

Ernie Foster, IV