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Mailbox & Insights


Thank you for the continued artful writing, which captures well the genuine religion of hunting with a loved dog on a brisk fall day. Kudos to your team.

Ron Somers, Luray, Virginia


The new version of The Upland Almanac (Autumn 2023) is a masterpiece; beautifully done, first class! The photos are beautiful. The layout is really well done.

The time and effort you all put into producing this magazine was worth it.

Congratulations on a job well done!

M.A. Massey, Las Vegas, Nevada

Outstanding! I read it from cover to cover and some parts twice. The articles were very well written and once in a while, I thought I was actually there! I was especially pleased with Tom Carney’s “Tailfeathers” column, as it made me think, our wives are most always right.

Bob Fortin, Coopersville, Michigan

Yesterday I received my latest issue of The Upland Almanac. I normally read it through the first day and maybe spend an hour completing it. Yesterday, however, I spent about three hours reading the content, lost in thought, and greatly admiring each page as it ghosted by. The magazine is sharp, readable and well organized. The heavy paper is a nice touch.

More than the design, I loved the content as much was made of the undervalued Guy de Valdène. I bought his The Fragrance of Grass and fell in love with bird hunting even though the state where I reside is almost devoid of birds. No more pheasants, no more grouse and very few quail. When my family moved here in the ’60s, I could jump quail on the railroad tracks close to my house. We could scare up a pheasant in the old apple orchard or flush a grouse near the tangles on the riverbank and creek. Those days are gone. I also bought de la Valdène’s For a Handful of Feathers and On the Water and still think back on the joy of reading those classic books.

This issue has a few pieces about de la Valdène and some mention of Russell Chatham, Harrison and even Tom McGuane, their longtime friend. It is a shame that these classic hippies have been neglected in the sporting press because their work far exceeds their reputation as Key West vagabonds. I can’t think of another magazine that devoted more than a paragraph to de la Valdène or even Jim Harrison. Please continue referencing them.

I would like to salute Bob DeMott for his excellent article. I envy him for contacting de la Valdène and creating a friendship.

Harrison and de la Valdène were two of my alltime favorites. Just seeing them mentioned in a hook and bullet mag was a great thrill.

Thank you.

Jack Wallingford, Strongsville, Ohio


People calling in to subscribe or to extend their subscriptions have waxed excited saying things like, “I read it cover to cover!” “It’s all great!” and “Keep doing what you are doing!

Of course, we love having earned that kind of support. But we aren’t about to rest on our laurels. Please let us know your thoughts on the magazine — departments you will always read, departments you can live without, things we cover that you enjoy, things you wish we could cover more. We are in the midst of a new beginning here, and if we can provide items on your wish list for a bird hunting magazine, please share it with us.

You can email your comments to info@uplandalmanac.com or phone them in to Webster Printing, 781-447-5484, ext. 250.

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